World Health Day 2023: Celebrate Your Health


World Health Day 2023: Celebrate Your Health

Health is the greatest possession that deserves to be treasured throughout life. To celebrate health, World Health Day is commemorated every year on the 7th of April across the world to raise awareness about good health and the well-being of people. World Health Day also marks the anniversary of the foundation of WHO in 1948. The World Health Organization uses its foundation day to highlight current global health as a priority as well as to honour the organisation and its work over the years.

World Health Day is one of the eight official global health annual campaigns marked by WHO, along with World Tuberculosis Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor Day, and World Hepatitis Day.

The Theme for the World Health Day 2023

Each year, World Health Day is celebrated with a specific theme. Last year in 2022, the theme was “Our Planet, Our Health”, and this year the theme is “Health for All”. This year, WHO is making efforts for everyone to reflect on their lifestyle habits that have helped them sustain and stay healthy during the last 70 years. This year is all about celebrating public health successes that have helped us improve our quality of life over the last seven decades. 

What is World Health Day Celebrated for?

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April to mark the founding anniversary of the World Health Organisation in 1948. With the aim of working on health promotion and improvement, WHO is a worldwide organisation issuing health advisories and standards. On the 7th of April, we revisit the founding principles and achievements set by WHO. 

What are the 6 Types of Health?

Health and wellness are as diverse as the human body. Overall, health is divided into these 6 dimensions:

  1. Mental Health: It refers to the emotional well-being of an individual. With the rising awareness about mental health, people are now prioritising their happiness, health, and mindfulness above stressful conditions.
  2. Physical Health: Your body’s physical strength and fitness are referred to as physical health. Proper diet, nutrition, and physical exercise are key elements to maintaining physical health. 
  3. Social Health: As a social animal, an individual’s health also constitutes the ability to cope with society’s conditions he or she is living in. This social behaviour and action are termed social health. 
  4. Financial Health: Given the name, financial health is an individual’s financial and economic condition. Factors like income levels, financial literacy, financial soundness, and security determine one’s financial health. 
  5. Spiritual Health: Spiritual health refers to an individual’s mindfulness and purpose in life. A person is said to be spiritually healthy if he maintains a positive outlook towards life, contributes to society’s upliftment, and practices self-care. 
  6. Environmental Health: It is a type of public health matter that points to all the natural and manmade environmental elements affecting an individual’s health. 

What Are the 10 Benefits of Being Healthy?

Staying healthy is a boon for the human race. While there are numerous advantages of a healthy body and mind, here are the top 10 benefits:

  1. Keeps illnesses and diseases away
  2. Ensures a fit and active body
  3. Promotes happy mood and positive thoughts
  4. Boosts work productivity
  5. Keeps energy levels high throughout the day
  6. Maintains blood glucose levels and blood pressure
  7. Promises sound sleep and a stress-free lifestyle
  8. Generates growth hormones
  9. Reduces anxiety, tension, and overthinking
  10. Improves the brain’s cognitive and problem-solving abilities. 

How Buying Health Insurance is a Bonus this Year

Health Insurance should be the most essential part of your investments for its comprehensive benefits and usefulness in long run. After combatting the pandemic for almost two years, health insurance remains paramount for a secure future.

  • Increasing Healthcare Costs: India's healthcare system comprises both public and private providers, with the latter catering mostly to the urban population. India has an excellent healthcare system, and it has become a popular destination for medical tourists seeking high-quality care. Medical expenses cover a wide variety of charges, such as doctor's fees, pharmaceutical prices, diagnostic tests, and so on. The prices, on the other hand, are greater for the general public. Even simple medical operations have grown expensive in the nation, particularly in private hospitals.
  • Cashless Payment: Transactions have become much easier as a result of digitalization. The use of digital channels for paying premiums in the context of health insurance has become conceivable. It is one of the most significant advantages of health plans is the cashless claim facility. Imagine the magnitude of stress a family goes through during the hospitalisation of any family member. Under the cashless claim facility, the medical expenses are directly settled with the hospital by the insurer, subject to policy terms and conditions. A policyholder can use this facility using a health card.
  • Increase in Lifestyle Diseases: In today’s times, illnesses are occurring not just in older adults but also affecting millions of youngsters. Owing to lifestyle factors, ailments like diabetes, hypertension, etc. have increased over the years. So, when health problems are likely to occur, it is wise to have a health cover.
  • Helps Save Taxes: In an age of inflation, many families look for investment options to boost their savings. Opting for health plans gives the dual benefit of getting health cover as well as saving on taxes. Policyholders can get deductions on the premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • More Than Just Hospitalisation Cover: Medical insurance is absolutely essential as it covers other medical expenses in addition to hospitalisation costs including pre-and post-hospitalisation medical expenses, OPD expenses, ambulance cover, diagnostic tests, surgeries, etc. In addition, such plans also bring additional benefits such as increased coverage through no claim bonuses.

‘Care’ by Care Health Insurance is comprehensive health coverage for your family members that will take care of all your worries related to any medical expenses.

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Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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