Why You Should Prefer Health Insurance than Borrowing Money


Why You Should Prefer Health Insurance than Borrowing Money

Critical illness is taking a toll on health. These diseases can be life-threatening if not treated well. On-going medication, hospitalization, therapies for critical illness need lots of money. At times, you are short with a fund during a medical emergency, and you think to borrow money for the treatment from relatives or friends. But, borrowing money is not a permanent solution to your health-related problems. Diseases like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc. can relapse anytime. What will you do then? You can not ask for money again and again. Thus, critical illness insurance is a wise choice. Such health insurance not only covers your hospitalization and medical expenses but also eliminates your social and financial implications. Read why it is a better option:

 No Social Implication

If you take money from your known people, it creates a sort of social implication on you. They can ask for their money at any time. Whereas, in medical insurance scenario is entirely different. You can buy it today and even take its benefits for lifelong. Your treatment expenses covered under the medical policy, and you do not need to repay anything to anyone.

 No Financial Stress

The treatment for life-threatening diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, stroke, etc. can derail your finances. But, with critical illness insurance, you do not need to worry. No cash is required to start the treatment. You can admit to any network hospital for a cashless treatment facility. You need to inform to hospital insurance desk and our customer support team about your hospitalization. Thus, health insurance helps you to avail of advanced treatment without financial stress.

 Extensive Coverage

The money you borrow from your near and dear ones cannot give you extensive coverage as medical insurance does. You get coverage for hospitalization expenses, pre and post hospitalization medical expenses, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, and alternative treatments. Additionally, international second opinion, annual health check-up, unlimited automatic recharge, reduction in PED wait period are the benefits that you can also avail of under medical insurance.

 Extra Assistance

Money from an outside source can only help you temporarily. It can exhaust in minutes if you diagnose with a critical illness that is to of advanced stage. Therefore, health insurance is always a sustainable option. Apart from the extensive coverage, it gives you extra assistance as well. It includes ambulance cover, organ donor cover, OPD expense cover, and no claim bonus. 

 Peace of Mind

Critical illness insurance always brings peace of mind. You do not need to worry about repaying the loan or money you have taken. There is no social obligation and also no chance of ruining your relationships for the sake of money. You can afford your or your family member’s treatment with dignity and maintain cordial relations. 

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Borrowing money from relatives and friends is not the right option if you need cash for the treatment. Money is one thing that will certainly ruin your relationship, regardless of the amount. Thus, critical illness insurance is all the way better. Opt for critical mediclaim offered by Care Health Insurance now. It gives you comprehensive coverage during a medical emergency and helps you to avail of the treatment with self-esteem. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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