3 Benefits That Make Health Insurance Absolutely Necessary


3 benefits that make health insurance absolutely necessary

Understanding Health Insurance in a Better Way

For each one of us, personal health and the well-being of our family members is the most important thing. If you and your family are physically fit, you lead an active lifestyle. Furthermore, there is health insurance, additional support when it comes to covering the healthcare expenses of your family. It is a fact that several people shy away from buying such an insurance plan because they are unaware of the benefits that the family medical insurance has. 

We all know how expensive medical treatments have become and if at all someone from your family falls sick, then going for the best treatment is bound to deplete your finances. In that sense, a health insurance plan safeguards your resources as well. Another benefit of having health insurance is the tax benefit it offers under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

In this article, we are going to talk about 3 things that you didn’t know about health insurance. 

Domiciliary Hospitalization

This is one of the key benefits of having a health insurance plan. In many cases when the patient is suffering from illness and hospitalization is not possible, things become difficult for him/her as well as the family members. This can be because the patient is not in a condition to be moved to a hospital or the nearest hospital has no beds vacant. In such scenarios, having a health insurance plan that includes domiciliary hospitalization can turn out to be a lifesaver. So, compare the various plans from different health insurance companies for this benefit before buying.

Cashless Payment Facility

When someone is hospitalized from your family and you are worried about the person’s health, wouldn’t the situation be easier when you do not have to worry about paying the hospital and medicine bills?! This becomes possible if you wisely choose a health insurance plan that includes a cashless payment facility. With time, this facility has become important and helpful because it covers the high healthcare costs and saves your effort to run around paying your bills and then applying for reimbursement.

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The insurer will take care of all your bills and other expenses. That way, you have peace of mind and can focus on taking care of the person admitted.

Tax Benefits

This is something many people know about still a lot of us have no idea as to how one can get tax benefits from health insurance. Under Section 80D, an individual can avail tax deduction up to INR 25,000. Add parents to the equation and this limit grows to INR 50,000. Do note that these benefits increase as per age.

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