International Women's Day: Why is Women's Health a Matter of Concern in India?


International Women's Day: Why is Women's Health a Matter of Concern in India?

"Women's health needs to be front and centre – it often isn't, but it needs to be."

Women's access to healthcare in India is the need of the hour, as it requires some desperate changes to achieve well-being and gender equality. A woman goes through a roller coaster ride in all the phases of her life as she experiences drastic changes in and outside her body while growing. Encouraging women to take ownership of their health and hygiene is paramount in the era of endless diseases preying on them. Because of lifestyle decisions and ignorance, women's health conditions have recently taken a leap. Women deal with more health issues than men. Women have many conditions to watch out for, including osteoporosis, menopause, and everything else. However, one should always know that there are several things women may take to shield themselves from contracting any health condition.

On the occasion of International Women's Day celebrated every year on 8th March, we take the initiative to spread awareness about women's health in India. Read on to understand

Women's Health in India

women health

Health is undeniably an essential factor that plays a role in every woman's wellbeing. Women's health in India can be easily evaluated through multiple indicators such as geography, culture and socioeconomic status. Many aspects of wellness must be examined in connection to global averages and in contrast to males in India to appropriately enhance women's health in India. Women in India currently experience a variety of health issues, which eventually have an impact on many aspects.

Nutritional Status of Women in India

Women's Nutritional Status, especially in India and its underdeveloped regions, is worrisome. WHO studies indicate that many women ignore their dietary and physical needs. According to a survey, many women and teenage females experience iron deficiency or anaemia. 

nutritional status of women

Women in rural areas also have to experience health issues due to their failure to meet their daily dietary requirements. Due to their inability to meet their daily nutritional requirements in rural areas, poverty levels are especially concerned about this tendency. Calcium and folic acid deficiencies have an impact on women's sexual health. One main reason for foetal anomalies and the birth of children with deformities is inadequate nutritional consumption during pregnancy, particularly Folic Acid.

Women in rural and poverty-affected areas have to fight more health-related atrocities than those in urban areas. As women enter adulthood, they are restricted from achieving education and access to quality healthcare services in rural areas. Hence, lack of awareness in rural areas has led women to suffer from a poor and mismanaged healthcare system.

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Cervical Cancer Cases in India

According to the Lancet report, India and China are two countries with the highest number of cervical cancer cases in Asia. 23% of the 40% fatalities from cervical cancer worldwide are from India. 3,41,831 fatalities and 6,04,127 new cases were recorded globally in 2020; 21% of them were from India.

The number of deaths in the nation reflects inequalities in access to good health services. The key to decreasing these numbers is early diagnosis; a quick test called a pap smear can help detect cervical cancer and increase the likelihood that it will be treatable. Beyond the age of 35, regular pap smears can offer options for cervical cancer prevention.

Why is Healthcare Difficult for Most Indian Women?

A study by experts from India and Harvard University shows that women in India go through gender bias resulting in limited or no access to quality healthcare. Many stereotypes in India forbid women to voice out about the health issues they must face. While women are an essential pillar of the family and society, they suffer poor health outcomes nationwide. The repercussions are not only borne by the women but also the families.

How Does Poor Healthcare System Affect Reproduction Among Women?

The aspect of women's health that receives the least attention is reproductive rights. Notwithstanding the fact that abortion causes 14% of all maternal fatalities nationwide, making safe abortion services easily accessible is still a matter of concern. To improve the standard of health, raising awareness about contraception and addressing family planning requirements is crucial. Another crucial aspect of women's rights is establishing accountability for offering women high-quality healthcare services so that they can be stress free about their pregnancy related issues.

In a Nutshell

Women's health should be prioritised for the entire nation to support women and their health. The health crisis that women have to face is unfathomable. And keeping this in mind, Care Health Insurance's exclusively customised healthcare plans for maternity and critical illness support them to get quality healthcare in India. We believe in celebrating the real essence of women to advance the future of Indian healthcare. So, if you are a woman and need support that could help you in a medical crisis, we are the one-stop solution for all your needs. Buy health insurance for women on International Women's Day and acquire quality healthcare.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned is for reference purposes only.

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