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Health Insurance for Women

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In the present era, the participation of women has remarkably increased as they share 25% of the total workforce in India. They are also a breadwinner to many families. Although they are different from men, not weaker. However, growing pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, no exercise, and bad eating habits severely affect their health.

So this is why they also need the best mediclaim policy for females to afford healthcare expenses without burdening their family or spouse. In this article, you can read about women's health insurance that meets their needs. This health insurance guide for women will give them a broader perspective on the importance of health insurance for women. 

What Does Health Insurance for Women Mean?

Health Insurance for Women is a plan specially designed for females to cover diseases such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterus tumours, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart stroke. 

Health insurance for women in India caters to their medical and financial needs so they don’t go through any distress due to unforeseen medical emergencies. They get coverage for diagnosis, hospitalisation, treatment, medication, and pregnancy under the medical policy. Basically, a women-specific health insurance plan ensures a financial backup during a medical emergency. So they can stand strong and focus on their health. Women's Insurance that secures their health, as well as finances, can help them stay relaxed.

What is Covered Under Women’s Health Insurance?

Women are vulnerable to health problems. They need a safeguard that helps them get better treatment without a money crunch. Read below why comprehensive women’s health insurance plans are a need of an hour.

Cashless Hospitalization

If you are a woman living independently, staying prepared to face any critical situation is better. Buy health insurance cover that provides the right treatment at the right hospital at the right time. You can show your medical card, inform the help desk at the hospital, and go for cashless hospitalisation immediately. 

Cover Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

Being a woman, you need more preventive measures and health care than men. Health insurance policy for women covers all your pre and post-hospitalization expenses, such as doctor’s fees, room rent, diagnosis, medicines, therapies, daily allowance, ambulance, etc. You get the claim in the form of a cashless facility or reimbursement for these expenses. So, you can save your hard-earned money for future purposes while focusing on your recovery. 

Cover for Recurring Costs

Females aged 40 or above will likely be diagnosed with chronic and critical illnesses. Such illnesses require regular medication, treatments, and chemotherapies. An exclusive health insurance policy for women bears the recurring medical costs that occur due to ongoing treatments of such diseases. Therefore, it ensures the best possible treatment in the present and even after retirement. 

Annual Health Check-Up

Medical insurance helps women to stay fit. It offers annual health check-ups that save a bunch of money on diagnoses and tests every year. With regular check-ups, they can keep track of their health and take preventive measures accordingly.

Tax Benefit

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, premiums paid for health insurance for self, children, and spouses get a tax exemption of up to Rs. 50,000. However, the taxable amount is subject to your income and age, and it reduces your taxable income. You can avail of these tax benefits if you are a working woman.

Maternity Cover

Motherhood is the most important phase in a woman’s life. However, the journey is not at all smooth, but maternity cover can give relaxation. So, if you are on the way to start a family, then go for a maternity insurance plan. It gives coverage against normal delivery, cesarean, pre and postnatal, post-delivery care, and vaccination expenses. This insurance ensures the best medical facilities for females during pregnancy.

Financial Security

You can secure your future without being dependent on anyone with the right medical insurance coverage. You do not need to worry about your or your loved one's treatment expenses. You can easily afford the best medication and concentrate on your health. Buying the best medical insurance for women will give you more financial security than anything else.

Tips to Consider While Buying Health Insurance for Women

A woman can choose a health cover that meets her healthcare needs and gives her access to quality medical care in times of emergency. Here are some tips that can help you in buying health insurance plans for women-

Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan for Women

Various expenses are involved when buying medical treatment for illness or injury, including hospital and medicine bills. A health insurance policy will give comprehensive protection and numerous benefits, thus helping a woman manage the burden of those expenditures. 

However, women are more susceptible to health problems as they age, so they must be cautious and proactive. Early purchase of the best insurance for women's health plans reduces the possibility of a pre-existing condition when applying for coverage. If you are a single mother and need financial assistance, you should opt for Care Supreme as it is also an ideal health insurance for single mothers.

However, a disease-specific health plan is the greatest option if a woman is currently dealing with a health issue like diabetes or hypertension since it provides the appropriate financial buffer.

Consider Buying Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

When purchasing medical care for illness or injury, a number of costs are incurred, including hospital and medication costs. A health insurance plan will provide clarity. Consider purchasing health insurance that includes maternity coverage if you're a young woman. Anyone who wants to receive high-quality medical treatment shouldn't be discouraged by the hefty expense of hospitalisation. A maternity health insurance plan will cover various medical charges, including delivery fees, maternity care before and after hospitalisation, and infant care.

Maternity health insurance is a safety net for a mother and her kid, so a woman should view it as an essential investment for motherhood. It offers security as well as several advantages that may help a woman handle the weight of those costs. 

Women must, however, exercise caution and initiative.

Look for the Following Policy Benefits

If you are planning to buy a medical insurance policy for women, here are some useful benefits you look for:

  • Cashless Treatment Facility: This facility is available at any of our network hospitals, and it helps keep the insured stress-free about paying medical bills. 
  • Annual Health Check-up: It is one of the essential features which will help women keep track of their health status and get timely medical care. 
  • No Claim Bonus: A benefit in health insurance plans makes the policyholder eligible for an increased sum insured for spending a claim-free year.
  • Lifelong Renewability: The feature helps a woman get continued coverage as she ages. She can renew her policy regularly and continue to avail of the benefits. 

So, whether you are a mom, a single parent, or a young working professional, do not think too much about your health. So, you can buy the best health insurance for women, Care Supreme offered by Care Health Insurance, which offers you maximum coverage with financial security. You can also prefer a maternity insurance plan if you are a mother. These hand-picked insurance solutions cater to all your healthcare needs and go a long way to take care of your well-being.

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers as of 30th June 2023

**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st May 2023

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