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Why Medical Insurance Is Important for Women?

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The modern woman knows how to live on her terms. She works hard, parties hard, travels the world and discovers herself at every stage of life. In the present era, the participation of women has increased remarkably, and they share 25% of the total workforce in India. Many are earning well and are major contributors to their family’s finances.

However, growing pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, no exercise, and often ignoring their own healthcare needs can affect their health severely. Sometimes, chronic pregnancy-related disorders occur in their bodies during childbirth. So, just like all other members of the family, women also need health insurance to afford their healthcare expenses without having to depend on others or having to dig out their savings. In this article, you can read about women health insurance that serves their specific needs.

What is Women's Health Insurance?

To cater to the medical needs of women, health insurance plans for women are designed carefully. The health conditions that are more specific to females, like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterus tumour, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, and heart stroke, are typically covered under such plans. 

Women's medical insurance covers their health and financial needs during times of medical emergencies. They get coverage for diagnosis, hospitalisation, treatment, medication, and pregnancy under the medical policy. So, every woman is advised to know about women health insurance and invest in the one that best suits their preferences and needs.

Why do Women need Health Insurance?

Women are more vulnerable to a certain set of health problems. This is primarily because women's bodies are quite different from men's and are often complex. Women are child-bearers, which further makes their body complex and risk-prone to some ailments. In order to safeguard their hard-earned savings and also help them to get better treatment for themselves without a money crunch, women health insurance has been planned. 

With age, women commonly suffer bone problems, calcium deficiency, complications due to pregnancy and so on. Hence, women need health insurance and investing in one is a huge peace during such medical needs.

What do Women Health Insurance Plans Cover?

There are various coverage options  offered under women health insurance. Below mentioned are the inclusions of health insurance plans for women that you must know:

Cashless Hospitalisation

If you are a woman living independently, it’s better to stay prepared to face any critical situation. Buy health insurance cover that avails you of the right treatment, at the right hospital, at the right time. You can show your medical card, inform the help desk at the hospital, and go for cashless hospitalisation immediately. You do not require to run from pillar to post to arrange the money.

Covers Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Almost all health insurance plans cover  pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, such as doctor’s fees, room rent, diagnosis, medicines, therapies, daily allowance, ambulance, etc. You can claim your policy under cashless or reimbursement category. Cashless benefit is to be availed at network hospitals where the insurer takes care of the expenses. In case of reimbursement process, you’ll require to make the initial payment of the total hospital bills and later register for reimbursement along with the supporting documents.

Cover for Recurring Costs

Females are more vulnerable to illnesses at their 40s. Some illnesses require regular medication and quick medical attention. An exclusive health insurance policy for women bears the recurring medical costs  due to a prolonged or emergency health condition.  

Annual Health Check-Up

Medical insurance helps women to stay fit. It offers annual health check-ups that save a bunch of money on diagnoses and tests every year. With regular check-ups, they can keep track of their health and take preventive measures accordingly.

Tax Benefit

Under section 80 D, of the Income Tax Act 1961, premiums paid for health insurance for self, dependent parents, children, and spouse get the tax exemption up to Rs.50, 000. However, the taxable amount is subject to your income and age and it reduces your taxable income. If you are a working woman, then you can avail of these tax benefits.

Maternity Cover

Motherhood is the most important phase in a woman’s life. While the journey is not always hunky dory, a mataernity cover can help you stay at peace during the last stages of pregnancy. So, if you are planning to start a family anytime soon  you can consider maternity insurance plan. It gives coverage against normal delivery, caesarean, pre and postnatal, post-delivery care, and vaccination expenses.

Future Security

Without being dependent on anyone, you can secure your future with the right medical insurance coverage. You do not need to worry about unplanned medical expenses and protect your hard-earned money. You can easily afford the best healthcare from the renowned hospitals without worrying much about the expenses.

Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing a Women's Health Insurance Plan

While you are planning to purchase women health insurance plan, there are a few things that you must know and take care of:

Adequate Coverage

The sum insured of the plan you are opting for must be sufficient to cover your medical expenses in a policy year. So, calculate your expected requirements and look for practical and adequate coverage for yourself.


The health conditions that are not covered in a health insurance plan are known as exclusions. There are certain medical conditions that remain out of coverage even in women health insurance. So, do not skip reading the exclusions before you purchase the plan.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is the tenure until which you cannot raise a health insurance claim. For general health conditions, the waiting period is 30 days from policy inception, however, for certain listed conditions and pre-existing diseases, the waiting period can be up to 2 or 4 years. 

Co-payment/ deductibles

Co-pay or deductibles is the amount/part of the claim amount that is paid by the policyholder. The higher deductibles/co-payment you choose, the lower will be the premium charged and vice-versa. But to lower your premium, do not overstretch the co-pay since you may end up paying a huge amount during the times of need. 

Bottom Line

So, whether you are a mom, a single parent, or a young working professional, do not let your health and healthcare needs take a back seat. Consider your requirements and go for a plan that suits your needs and budget. While talking about budget-friendly plans, you can also consider Car Health Insurance especially their JOY maternity plan. The plan comes with attracting features and benefits, which make the parents take a sigh of relief in the time of an emergency. If not you can also consider other health insurance plans from Care Insurance which are easily available online.

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**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st May 2023

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