Why Every Indian Woman Should Have Health Insurance Policy


Why Every Indian Woman Should Have Health Insurance Policy

Today, Indian women have left no stone unturned in any field. From aerospace to medical sciences, they are excelling. So, as a financially independent woman, do not let an unforeseen medical emergency put a roadblock in your life goals. Health insurance policy specially designed for women is always a wise choice. It provides special coverage for diseases that commonly impact women, such as breast cancer, ovarian, or cervical cancer. These health plans come up with some great discounts at an affordable premium. Here is a list of benefits that makes the best health insurance for female essential: 


Over a decade, we can see a new ray of sunshine amongst Indian women. They are getting serious about their careers and already taken financial responsibilities on their shoulders. The best health insurance policy for women gives you immense self-dependency. You do not need to depend on your husband or family member for the treatment. No arrangement of cash or borrowing is required. You can afford and face any medical crisis. 

 Act as a Saviour

Women in India are the multi-taskers and always strive to balance between their work and home. But, to make both ends meet, they often get sick and become the victim of serious diseases. Amidst global corona pandemic, where medical inflation is galloping health insurance policy acts as a savior during a medical emergency. You do not need to spend anything from your pocket for healthcare and keep your hard-earned money to fulfill your dreams. 

 Advanced Healthcare

Females work 24x7 to nurture their families. But, when it comes to their health, most of them overlook it and do not want to spend on their health care. With the best health insurance for females, you do not need to think twice about your health expenses. It gives you extensive coverage with advanced treatment facilities. 

 Extensive Coverage

 The comprehensive health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses and offers several benefits such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy cover, dialysis cover, organ donor cover, alternative treatments, annual health check-up, and more. So, you can stay fit and combat any evil of health.

 Add-on Covers

You can also opt for several add-on covers like unlimited automatic recharge, international second opinion, reduction in PED( pre-existing disease) wait period, room rent modification, etc. It helps you to enhances the coverage of the policy.

 Tax Benefit

Investing in the best health insurance policy for women brings a win-win situation for you. On one side, you get the health coverage, and on the other hand, you can avail of tax benefits as well. Under section 80D of the Income Tax of India 1961, a premium paid against health insurance gets exemption from tax. 

 Maternity Benefit

If you are looking for motherhood bliss, health insurance with maternity benefit is a perfect fit. It covers pre and postnatal expenses, including hospitalization, daycare treatments, ambulance cover, newborn baby cover, and a lot more. It helps you and your husband to save money for the future of your baby.

 Over to You!

Thus, each Indian woman, whether married or single, should make their health a priority. It is so because if you remain in the pinkest of your health, you can conquer the world and nurture your family well. Care Health Insurance salutes to every woman in India and brings a Care-exclusive and comprehensive health insurance plan. It is the right health insurance policy for women. You can get it as an individual or family floater plan and take charge of your health and happiness.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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