Why Consider the Best Cancer Hospitals in India for Treatment?


Why Consider the Best Cancer Hospitals in India for Treatment?

Cancer is a life-threatening disease involving abnormal cell growth that may occur in any organ of the body. It is one of the leading causes of death in India. Lung cancer, liver cancer, colorectal, and stomach cancer are some common types of cancer, whereas breast cancer and cervical cancer are quite common in women. Early detection of the disease and timely treatment is vital for the patient who has cancer. Usually, treating the disease becomes difficult once it reaches the advanced stage. Thanks to medical advancement, nowadays, there are best cancer hospitals in India where treatment is possible. 

Cancer can impact a person’s physical and mental health, which is why one needs dedicated medical care. Moreover, the treatment of this dreadful disease can create a severe financial strain on a family owing to expensive medical procedures for cancer treatment in India. This article highlights the need for availing quality medical care at the best hospital for the treatment of critical illnesses like cancer. 

The Number of Cancer Patients is rising in India

Alarmingly, cancer cases are increasing in India. According to the recent report by The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World Health Organisation, there were around 1.16 million new cases of cancer in India and 784,800 cancer deaths in 2018. 

The risks of tobacco-related cancer are quite high in the country. For low to middle-income families, a high risk of cancer is not a good sign as high cancer treatment cost in India could create a financial burden. Moreover, medical inflation is a fact we all have to accept. 

Opting for cancer insurance plans offered by health insurers like Care Health Insurance proves beneficial. Such health policies will cover a host of expenses, including in-patient care, and pre-and-post hospitalisation medical expenses. 

Get Comprehensive Medical Care at Cancer Hospitals

Finding the right treatment is the first step towards recovery. There are numerous government and private hospitals where you would find advanced cancer care and the best oncologist in India. An Oncologist is a medical professional who specialises in the field of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Procedures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are pivotal in the treatment of cancer. For some cancer patients, an organ transplant may be required as part of the treatment. You can rest assured by availing treatment at the best cancer hospitals in India. These hospitals have well-equipped facilities for various procedures such as mammography, robotic surgery, stem cells and bone marrow transplant, etc. Thus, getting medical treatment at such healthcare centres will keep you stress-free when it comes to availing best healthcare. 

Moreover, policyholders can get cashless treatment facility at our network hospitals. It is one of the beneficial features of buying health insurance for cancer. Under this facility, an insured person can get admission in the hospital using a health card and avail of medical care without hassles. We will settle the bills directly with the hospital, subject to policy terms and conditions. It significantly reduces the load of bearing medical costs from one’s pocket. 

Uncertainties like chronic ailments can enter our lives when we least expect them and obstruct the path towards our goals. It can create huge losses if we are not financially prepared. Investing in health insurance for cancer is a sensible way to minimise the burden of expensive treatment procedures. It is advisable to choose a suitable policy by taking into account numerous factors such as your age, medical condition, family medical history, location, etc. so that you get sufficient coverage at the best premium. 

Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance from where you avail of the best mediclaim policy for cancer, based on your unique requirements. Moreover, you can get quality treatment in India on a cashless basis at any of the 22900+ cashless healthcare providers across India, which minimises the hassles for you.

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 Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Cancer is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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