Why a Critical Illness Plan is better than a Cancer Insurance Plan?


Why a Critical Illness Plan is better than a Cancer Insurance Plan?

To stay ahead in the rat race, our fast-paced lives have taken a heavy toll on our health. Moreover, our inactive lifestyle has given rise to unhealthy habits such as smoking, stress, and lack of physical activity. In today’s time, even younger people are becoming vulnerable to many critical ailments. In such cases, a critical illness plan acts as a savior. Care Health Insurance is a leading health insurance provider that offers critical illness insurance plan. It not only helps in securing your hard-earned money as it offers wide coverage. This health insurance plan serves you with the purpose. 

Difference between a Critical illness plan and a Cancer Insurance Plan

A cancer insurance plan is a comprehensive insurance plan that provides cover when an individual is diagnosed with cancer. 

Critical illness insurance covers the insured if he or she is diagnosed with any of the critical ailments that are covered in this insurance policy. This plan covers 32 critical illnesses such as stroke, coma and so on. In this plan, the insured gets compensation if he or she is diagnosed with any of the ailments that are included in this policy. 

If any individual is diagnosed with cancer because of smoking or family history- a cancer insurance plan is sufficient. This plan covers the high cost of the treatment and manages financial stability. However, one should realise that cancer is not the only dangerous ailment. Other diseases such as end-stage renal failure, heart attack, and end-stage lung disease have an equal impact on an individual’s health. For such contingencies, opting for a critical illness plan is a better choice. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Critical Illness Plan

A critical illness plan offers sufficient coverage for the cost incurred during the treatment of serious illnesses such as OPD cover, ambulance cover, etc. This plan covers major ailments except a few. However, the premium involved in this plan would be higher.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cancer Insurance Plan

The cancer insurance plan provides medical coverage for early detection tests and health monitoring programs.  The cancer insurance plan provided by Care Health Insurance provides cover for pre and post hospitalization medical expenses and treatments related to cancer such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

The cost of this plan is based on a person’s age and family history. The premiums may differ from one case to another. 

Over to you!

Having diagnosed with cancer is not less than a nightmare. Hence, it is advisable to opt for a critical illness plan. 

Care Health Insurance provides a Critical illness plan that covers 32 critical illnesses. With this policy, an individual can get cover for the treatment costs for severe ailments that are included in this plan. Both these policies have their own set of benefits. Make sure to make an informed decision after considering the above-mentioned points. 

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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