5 Diseases causing Critical Illnesses


5 Diseases causing Critical Illnesses

In today’s raging and fast-paced world, health has become one of the most ignored areas of our lives. As a result, we often forget what our body needs the most to remain healthy throughout our lives, and we end making some grave mistakes that lead us to diseases causing critical illnesses.

What does critical illness mean?

Critical illnesses are those guests that come uninvited and hollow our bodies irreparably if we don’t have a critical illness insurance plan to back us up.

A recent study by global and domestic organizations indicates that with prevailing habits, one out of four people is at risk of getting a critical illness like a heart attack or cancer much before the age of 70. To keep all these life-threatening diseases at bay, we all should be aware of the precautions that could be taken beforehand to be hale and hearty for life. A healthy diet complemented with an exercise regime is a panacea to almost all the major problems in the era where an unhealthy lifestyle has become the way of life. 

Knowing the importance of critical illness insurance has become much more crucial considering the kind of life we all have been living. This blog will give you an overview of a few diseases that cause critical illnesses and put our life at stake.

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Let’s talk about 5 of the major diseases that cause critical illnesses and require timely treatment-

  1. Heart Diseases- Heart Diseases are diseases related to heart health and blood vessels. It includes coronary artery diseases such as heart attack, stroke, hypertensive heart disease, etc. However, it is always necessary to understand the gravity of this critical illness and get Critical Health Insurance in place beforehand.

  2. Cancer- Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases that don’t go away so easy and needs attention before worsening. According to a report by WHO, one in 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime, and one in 15 will die of the disease. Thus, we really need to understand the importance of critical illness insurance and ensure our protection in times of desperate need.

  3. Renal Failure- Renal failures happen when kidneys lose the ability to work and filter waste from our blood. The body starts getting overloaded with toxins if kidneys don’t do their regular job. If it is left untreated, it can be proven to be life-threatening. 

  4. Paralysis- Paralysis happens when muscle stops functioning in any part of our body. It could either be partial, complete, temporary, or permanent. It needs timely attention so that it doesn’t get even more contagious to our system. During such times, appropriate health insurance can be our helping hand to get rescued without any financial burden.

  5. Lung Ailments- Lung ailments are directly related to respiration, and as we all know, if our lungs don’t work well, we can’t breathe, and if we can’t breathe, we may die of lungs failure. We must ensure that we have critical health insurance before anything unfortunate happens because of no financial support.


It becomes a constant challenge every day on the health front for those who are diagnosed with such conditions. Care Health Insurance ensures that no family suffers the burden of high treatment costs due to their loved one’s critical illness. There indeed is a greater need for suitable health insurance covering the diseases causing critical illnesses that occur untimely and bring unnecessary havoc in everyone’s life.  A critical illness insurance cover offers adequate coverage for various medical expenses, thus ensuring financial security. It also enables you to access quality medical care at the best hospital without facing any hassle.

A well-planned Critical Health Insurance will help you cover the indemnity cost of the treatment as and when you need it the most. Care Health Insurance’s thoughtfully designed SuperMediclaim – The Superhero of Health Insurance ensures you don’t have to suffer in the time of need. The policy offered by us, cover 32 critical illnesses and provides psychiatric counselling for a speedy recovery as we aim to prioritise your health. Under a critical insurance policy, you will get lifelong protection at an affordable premium with an option to pay your premium with a monthly or quarterly payment option. 

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 Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for critical illness is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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