What Remain Open during Corona Lockdown?


what remain open during corona lockdown

According to Hindu mythology, there was a time Lord Ram went for 14 years of exile. Currently, a similar situation is prevailing in the country, but thankfully we are not barred from our native places, but we are lockdown at our own homes for 21 days to curtail the spread of COVID- 19. It is the government initiative to protect the citizen of being infected from coronavirus.

On the other side, authorities are also taking care that citizens should not face any scarcity of daily essentials goods and services.

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So, below is the list of essentials that remain operational during corona lockdown:


As per the latest government orders, banks remain operational from 7:00 am to 10:00 am on all working days. You can do all the transactions while visiting a bank during the set working hours. ATMs are also open 24 hours. However, it’s better to avoid going to the bank for the transactions that you can do through net banking, debit or credit card, payment wallets, or app.

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Grocery Shops

In order to ensure enough supply of groceries, some stores or local Kirana shops dealing in groceries, food, fruits, vegetables, milk booths, meat, and animal fodder remain open. But, ideally, during this corona outbreak, you should prefer home delivery to minimize the movement outside your homes.

Insurance Offices

With the government emergency responses to the virus, the claim management team in insurance offices should remain functional. So, infected policyholders can claim either the cashless facility or reimbursement for the immediate treatment in the hospitals. IRDAI also led the guideline that all the insurance companies expeditiously settle hospitalization claims related to coronavirus disease under health policies. On the other side, you can buy health insurance plans online offered by leading companies like Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) for maximum coverage.

Central Government Offices

All offices come under the central government of India like defense, central armed police forces, treasury, public utilities (petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG) disaster management, power generation, and transmission, post offices, National Informatics Centre, Early Warning Agencies will remain functional with a minimum number of employees.

State Government Offices

State government offices such as police, home guards, civil defense, fire, and emergency services, electricity, water, sanitation services, and prisons will remain functional. The district administration and treasury will also continue to work but with less number of employees.


In this calamity, medical facilities are the utmost priority of the government. Therefore, all government and private hospitals, laboratories, Mohalla clinics, nursing homes, ambulance, medical equipment manufacturing, and distribution units, keep on functioning.


During lockdown telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting, and cable services will be available. So, you do not feel bored at home and also continue with your work online. IT, ITES, BPOs, and other essential services encouraged to work from home.

With the aim to discourage the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in India, the government has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days. The Union Home Ministry in its advisory elaborated on the services that remain open and closed. The Ministry also asked state governments to check the spread of rumors about the shortage of essential commodities in the cities.