What is Companion Care: Types and Benefits


What is Companion Care: Types and Benefits

At present, around 10% of India’s population is above 60 years of age. There has been a rise in the number of elders living alone or with their spouses. This can lead to a feeling of loneliness or social isolation among elders and an increased risk of mental and physical health issues. Hence, there is a growing need for companion care for the well-being of senior citizens living alone. In this blog we will discuss what is companion care and why it is important for the elderly.

What is Companion Care?

Companion care is a type of home care service offering assistance to the elderly by providing them with company for social, physical and mental activities. A companion ensures the safety of the senior citizen inside and outside the house and may help in housekeeping, running errands, preparing meals, household chores, etc. Many agencies in India offer companion care services for senior citizens. They provide companions who are professionally trained and groomed to provide the best care to the elders. These companions provide support to the elders in many ways such as,

  • support in daily chores
  • support in the local commuting
  • support in social interactions, 
  • emotional support 
  • a companion for walking, talking, listening and hobbies.

Types of Companion Care Services

To understand what is companion care services, you need to understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of senior citizens. Companion care services include both medical and non-medical services to help and support the elderly when children or relatives are not around. These services can be divided into 3 types.

Personal Care

These services mostly include non-medical assistance to help with daily routine. It includes assistance in brushing, bathing, maintaining personal hygiene, paying utility bills, getting household repairs done, attending during hospital visits, concierge services, grocery shopping, etc.

Medical Care

These services include a range of home healthcare services including home delivery of medicines and medical reports, health check-ups at home, home x-rays, home dialysis, dental check-ups at home, collection of blood samples, doctor visits, nurse for home health care, fixing of medical equipment at home, diet and nutrition guidance, physiotherapy, maintenance of medical record and palliative care at home. Did you know Care Health Insurance offers companion benefit under its Care Freedom health insurance plan? In addition to this, the policy also offers home care benefit as an optional cover for a defined time period as per the policy terms & conditions.

Emotional Care or Companionship

You know what is companionship, and how important it is for your emotional well-being. Senior citizens often feel lonely and disconnected as they don’t have anyone to spend time with. These services mostly include services to keep elders socially active and focus more on their mental well-being. Professional companions spend time with the senior citizens, talk with them, take them on walks, read to them and help them stay connected with family and friends through video calls. These services also include online as well as offline counselling for senior citizens.

Benefits of Companion Care Services

Companion care services not only provide support to the elders but can make a significant difference in the quality of their lives. Here are some benefits of companion care services.

Personalised care

These services are highly personalised and designed as per the needs of the elders. These are flexible and scheduled to suit the routine of the elderly, which is a very important aspect of companion care services.

One-on-one attention

As these services are provided at home, the elderly get the focused attention of the caregiver. It ensures safety and that the needs are met immediately.


As these services are provided at home, it is most comfortable for the senior citizens as they stay in their familiar environment and get all the services in the comforts of their homes. While the caregiver provides support and service, the senior citizens continue to live their lives normally.

Speedy Recovery

Senior patients undergoing treatment recover faster if they get the treatment at their home. The comfort of home gives them security and also protects them from infections which are possible in a hospital or a clinic.

Sense of Independence

Senior citizens hate to depend on anyone for their needs. With companion care, they can lead a normal life in their own home. It gives a sense of independence to them which is important for their mental well-being.

Peace of Mind

Having someone to take care of your parents and elder relatives gives a great peace of mind and relief. The children living away from their parents know that their parents will not be alone in case there is an emergency or a need. Even the parents can lead their lives without any fear.


These services can be customised as per your budget and requirements. You can hire a full-time companion, a part-time companion on an hourly basis, an in-house 24*7 caregiver or a visiting caregiver. Many of these services are covered in a health insurance plan.


Having someone to talk to, and someone who can take care of your needs is the only need of the elderly and it improves the quality of their lives in many ways. A good companion is also a medium through which the family and children, staying away, get updated about the well-being of their parents.

Concluding Lines 

As the culture of nuclear families is increasing in our society, senior citizens especially in cities are living alone and need a companion. Addressing this need, there is a surge in paid non-medical services for senior citizens. These companion care services are designed keeping in mind the needs of the elders and provide support so that they can lead their golden years happily and with grace. It is a good idea to get these home care services covered and invest in a health insurance plan that offers coverage for these services.

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