What is Automatic Recharge in Care Health Insurance?


What is Automatic Recharge in Care Health Insurance?

Health insurance coverage protects your finances from medical expenses. However, sometimes even the insurance coverage falls short of covering all your medical bills in a year due to high medical costs. So what happens if the sum insured of your health insurance policy is exhausted due to a claim in a policy year? This is where an automatic recharge in health insurance comes into the picture.

Care Health Insurance offers a range of health insurance plans with an automatic recharge feature. Read below to learn more about unlimited automatic recharge in Care health insurance.

What is Automatic Recharge in Health Insurance?

An automatic recharge is a feature offered in a health insurance plan which recharges the sum insured if it is fully exhausted in a policy year due to a claim or multiple claims. It acts as a great financial support during a medical emergency where you get additional coverage after your sum insured is exhausted without paying any extra cost. Some plans have this feature as an inbuilt cover while some offer it as an optional cover. Some of the Care health insurance plans provide unlimited recharge of the sum insured benefit, where you can get your sum insured reinstated an unlimited number of times in a policy year. This feature is a boon for people with family members of different age groups with different medical needs.

How Does Automatic Recharge Work?

Suppose you have a health insurance plan with coverage of ₹ 4 lakhs. When you get hospitalised and your hospital bill of ₹ 4 lakh is covered by your health insurance plan. In the same policy year, you need to get surgery done which costs ₹ 2 lakhs, but your sum insured is already exhausted. In this situation, the automatic recharge feature of your health insurance gets activated and your sum insured will be reinstated. The additional medical bill of ₹ 2 lakhs will be covered by the automatic recharge of the sum insured.

Important Things to Know about Automatic Recharge

Here are some important points to better understand the working of automatic recharge.

  • Automatic recharge is applicable only when your sum insured and No Claim Bonus is fully exhausted in a policy year.
  • Automatic recharge is not available for claims already covered, it is available for future claims only.
  • Automatic recharge cannot be used for any medical expense related to a previous claim in the same policy year, which has already been covered.
  • Automatic recharge cannot exceed the sum insured value in a policy year.
  • Automatic recharge cannot be used if you have only a single claim in a policy year.
  • If the automatic recharge amount is not fully utilised in a claim, the balance amount can be used during the policy year until it is fully exhausted.
  • In case the automatic recharge amount is not fully utilised in a policy year, it cannot be carried forward to the next policy year.

Advantages of Automatic Recharge in Health Insurance

Here are some advantages of automatic recharge in Care health insurance.

Best for Family Floater Plans

In a family floater health insurance plan, a single sum insured is shared by the entire family. So if one person uses the entire sum insured to cover his medical expenses, the remaining members will not have any coverage for their medical needs. Hence automatic recharge is greatly beneficial in such scenarios where more than one family member may need medical treatment in a policy year. 

Uninterrupted Coverage

The automatic recharge in health insurance ensures that you have continuous coverage even if your sum insured is fully used. It is a great saviour in the hour of need and helps you cover sudden unexpected medical expenses in a policy year without any interruption.

Financial Support

Considering the expensive medical treatments, even a basic medical procedure nowadays costs so much that sometimes your sum insured value is not enough to cover more than one claim in a policy year. Automatic recharge provides financial support by providing additional coverage at no extra cost.


If your sum insured is exhausted during a hospitalisation, automatic recharge is available for your next hospitalisation, medical treatment or any other medical expense in the same policy year. It allows you to use the additional coverage for any covered medical expense.


The automatic recharge feature is a cost-effective way of supplementing your health insurance coverage compared to buying an expensive policy with a high sum insured value. A policyholder can enjoy high coverage without paying high premiums.

Unlimited usage

Unlimited automatic recharge in Care health insurance allows you to use the automatic recharge feature unlimited times in a policy year until the recharge amount is fully utilised. With this feature, you get timely medical help any number of times without worrying about the medical costs.


Automatic recharge in health insurance is a great way to get continuous coverage at an affordable cost. Unlimited automatic recharge in Care health insurance addresses the gap between health insurance coverage and the medical needs of the policyholders. However, this feature comes with certain terms and conditions, which you should understand to get the maximum benefit and to avoid a claim rejection. Before buying a Care health insurance plan make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully and fully understand the coverage features to make an informed decision. Care Supreme health insurance, Care Senior health insurance and Care Advantage health insurance are some plans with automatic recharge features. You can visit our website for complete information or allow our experts to connect with you. 

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Disclaimers: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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