Tips to maintain the Hygiene of Face Masks


Tips to maintain the Hygiene of Face Masks

The face mask has become one of the essential accessories as they are used as the most efficient strategy of precautionary measure to curb covid-19 transmission. Last year, many people thought it would be a temporary phase and won’t have to wear face masks after things get better.  But little did they know that they will have to wear masks as they wear clothes every day. Face masks have undeniably become a necessity, and maintaining the hygiene of the face masks has also become equally important for health.

This article is all about the tips to maintain the hygiene of face masks and handling them safely.

Face masks came into the limelight when the world started to experience the eruption of Coronavirus. Covid-19 has become a commonly spread virus between people in close contact without maintaining adequate social distancing. It is known that covid-19 spreads through respiratory droplets or small particles released when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or breathes. Therefore tailor-made masks for covid-19 started to float in the market ever since the virus has come into existence.

Since face masks act as a barrier for respiratory droplets coming out of your mouth or the droplets in the air while someone else is coughing or sneezing, with the usage of face masks comes their hygiene that should be taken care of.  Face masks cleansing is really important as it attracts so many germs and viruses while wearing them. Being cautious about their cleanliness will keep you healthy and safe from other severe infections.

Ways to maintain the Hygiene of Face Masks

As we discussed above, how essential face masks cleansing is. According to health experts, it is strongly recommended that you clean your face masks after every use if you are using reusable face masks. However, disposable masks need to be discarded carefully after every single use. One may experience sore throat or other allergies if the masks are not washed. 

Let’s discuss a handful of helpful tips that can help you to take care of the hygiene of your face masks-

Washing your Face Masks in the Washing Machine

You can easily wash your used masks in the washing machine with other clothes by adding antiseptic liquid and warm water.

Washing your Face Mask by Hand

Take good detergent along with the antiseptic liquid in warm water. Soak your used masks in that water for 5-10 minutes and rinse them thoroughly with tap water. While washing face masks by hands, make sure you are not touching your face and other surfaces.

Ways of Drying Face Masks

Tumble Dry

The final step of face masks cleansing is drying. Once you have washed them, you can simply throw your masks in the dryer with adequate heat setting and leave them until they are dry.

Air Drying

Air drying face masks is convenient, but it will be great if you dry them directly under the sunlight.

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The hygiene of face masks shouldn’t be ignored as it directly concerns your health. Face masks cleansing should also become your daily practice as masks for Covid-19 are now a must accessory that you have to carry wherever you go. 

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