Tips for Diabetics: Things to Keep In Mind While Travelling


Tips for Diabetics: Things to Keep In Mind While Travelling

For some people who have a passion for travelling, physical ailments fail to discourage people from exploring new places and fulfilling their travel goals. For instance, diabetes is a chronic medical condition which demands dietary restrictions and timely medications. So, travelling with diabetes could seem like a problem for many. However, with proper planning and necessary precautions, you can enjoy your vacation despite your medical condition.

When it comes to planning, it is also essential that you also opt for a Diabetes insurance plan that will financially protect you in times of medical emergencies. Care Health Insurance offers a customised health plan, ‘Care Freedom’ that covers all your treatment expenses.  

We bring some useful tips if you have Diabetes: 

Schedule Medical Check-up 

Get a medical check-up before your trip. Speak to your doctor about your travel plans so that you get the right advice whether you are medically fit to travel or not. It is advisable to get your prescriptions and a certificate from your doctor stating about your medical condition. 

Carry Medications

Carry enough supply of vital diabetes medication, including insulin and syringes if you need, for your trip. Keep extra medicines with you in case you lose some during your trip. Usually, diabetic patients are allowed to carry their medications in flights but it is better to check the rules and regulations. For instance, liquids are allowed up to 3 ounces, that is, 100 ml only. However, if patients are carrying a prescription, they can carry large amounts of medication. 

Plan Your Meals

If possible, carry healthy snacks with you like nuts and dried fruits which you can have between meals. These snacks, along with glucose tablets, will help in keeping your blood sugar levels from dropping. Packing snacks is important as it helps you in case your trip is delayed. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and avoid consuming sugary drinks. 

Monitor Your Blood Sugar

Generally, there are no restrictions on carrying blood glucose monitors in flights. So, remember to carry them when you are travelling. Also, keep wet wipes or sanitizers handy which will be needed to cleanse your finger for testing blood sugar. 

Sometimes, long flights can be daunting. Yet, it is important to eat meals on time so that your sugar level is in control. Always check your blood sugar once you land. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if the fatigue is caused by jet lag or a drop in sugar level. 

Since, you are used to taking medication as per your local time, be careful when crossing different time zones and set your watch as per the time of your travel origin. 

Communicate with People

When travelling to overseas location, do not let language barrier create a problem for you. It is better to learn a few phrases in another language such as ‘I am a diabetic’ or ‘Sugar, please’. 

Do not hesitate to ask the airport staff or find information about using medication or glucose monitor on flights. 

When travelling alone or in a group, it is advisable that you inform the flight attendant or someone around you that you are a diabetic to help you in any medical emergency. 

Finally, if you are travelling overseas, you should opt for an overseas travel plan as your domestic health insurance plan would not be applicable in a foreign location. Remember to save all the details and contact information required for making a claim on your policy in case of emergency.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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