Things You Can Do for Your Loved Ones during Quarantine


Things You Can Do for Your Loved Ones during Quarantine

Self- Quarantine means staying at home alone or in a separate room for at least 14 days if you come in a close contact of novel coronavirus infected but still not test positive or recently returned from traveling from an infected country or city, or experience mild symptoms. Experts say it is sufficient time to detect the virus. During quarantine, corona suspects are not allowed to step out. The COVID-19 outbreak has taken an ugly turn, in India also. Still, the government is taking all the measures to curtail the spread of the virus and asked the public to opt for self-quarantine in the corona suspicion situation. 

We understand that it’s not that easy to stay away from your loved ones while sharing the same roof. But, at last it is for their well-being. So, here we have some really good ways that you can do to show some more love to them when you are in quarantine:

Send Love Notes

You can express your love to your life partner, gratitude to your parents, and care for your children, and also thanks for giving note to all your well-wishers. You can send the note through Watsapp, or share a post on Facebook or Instagram with their picture. Quarantine is the best way when you can recall all the good times that you shared with your loved ones.

Share Information

Try to share the right information with your near and dear people. You can use your time during quarantine to find out the authorized sources of news, articles, or updates about coronavirus. Do not believe in any false information and rumors. Discourage rumor mongers to spread fake material about the current situation. Make your family members understand that they should not panic after hearing any gossips.

Ask for Hygiene

The next important thing you can do while quarantine is to ask your people to follow the right hygiene practice at home. It is the only way to prevent infection. Keep on telling them to wash their hands with soaps or liquid hand wash.  Also, tell them not to touch their faces, eyes, and mouth again and again. Use sanitizer, to sanitize all the things, floors, and doors.

Opt for Health Insurance Online

You can read about the benefits of health insurance online and pick the right one if you still do not have it. It provides coverage against medical emergencies not only during the corona crisis but for other diseases as well. Where medical inflation is rising and treatment costs are skyrocketing, comprehensive health insurance is a wise choice. However, there are a plethora of plans available online but you should opt for a trusted brand like Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance). It covers all your pre and posts hospitalization expenses, in-patient hospitalization, treatment, and surgeries. It helps you to provide the best healthcare to your family members without financial crunch.

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Therefore, you have to make the efforts to kill your time during quarantine. Nothing is best rather to show your care and express your emotions to your loved ones.

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Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.


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