Things to Check Before You Choose a Diabetes Insurance Plan Online


Things to Check Before You Choose a Diabetes Insurance Plan Online

India is a home to approximately 70 million diabetic patients. Diabetes is non-curable and preventive measures are still a distant dream. At present, where treatment costs are burning hole in the pockets, medical inflation is going through the roof. The easiest way to overcome the ill-effects of diabetes is to go for diabetes health insurance. It does not only protect you during medical emergencies but also saves your hard-earned money. So, to get the best plan and save time, browse different companies online, and make the right choice. Here are the things that you should consider while buying diabetes health insurance plan online:

Analyse the Needs

The first thing you should do before making your buying decision is to analyse your needs. Whether, you want it for yourself or any of your family members, is it a pre-existing disease or diagnosed recently or whether, it is insulin resistance or insulin-dependent diabetes. You should analyse all these things because the treatment costs may vary.  From diagnosis to hospitalization, your health insurance should cover all your medical needs. 

Prepare a Budget 

It's good to set your budget before you decide over diabetes cover. Higher or lower premium does not guarantee the maximum coverage. It happens that companies offer pocket-friendly premiums that may fit your budget but, do not cover all your needs. Hence, look at the broader picture and keep premium amount and policy coverage in your mind to select the best-suited plan.

Check Network Hospitals

The next important thing you should check is the list of these network hospitals. Always prefer the network hospitals that are nearer to your residence. It happens many times that if the hospital is outside the insurer’s network, it costs   you more, and the turnaround time is also higher.

Use Health Insurance Premium Calculators

These days, if you check the insurance providers’ websites, you can see health insurance premium calculators. All you need to do is put the required details and check how much premium companies are charging. In this way, you can compare the premium with the coverage insurers are offering and pick the one that would not burden your pocket.

Look for the Covers

When you are browsing the health insurance providers, you should look for   the different covers they are providing to the customers. Ideally, a sound diabetes health insurance cover includes pre and post-hospitalization expenses, diagnosis expenses, treatment, and medication. Organ donor, day-care treatment, dialysis cover, ambulance cover, second opinion, and some more benefits   that you should get in your health cover.

Know About Exclusions

Exclusions are the diseases that do not cover under health insurance policy. Before saying yes to the insurance advisor, you should ask the list of exclusions. See what all are the conditions when you cannot get the claim. The best health insurance policy offers maximum coverage with minimal exclusions. 

Read Online Reviews

You should read online reviews about the customer services, claim settlement, and assistance. This real-time information tells you how good we are efficiently we are serving our customer assistance. Apart from reviews, you should also check online ratings and make your buying decision accordingly.

Check the Claim Settlement Ratio

It is also an important thing that you should know. Claim settlement ratio is the ability to settle the claims. You should opt for a health insurance company like us that has a higher claim settlement ratio. So, that whenever required, you get your settlement as quickly as possible without unnecessary delays.

Pre-Policy Health Check-ups

Before buying health insurance for diabetes, check which companies do pre-policy health check-ups. Premium insurance companies like Care Health Insurance provide diabetes health insurance cover with no-pre policy medical check-ups. Apart from this, these companies also offer annual health check-and dialysis cover. So, you should ask the policy advisor about these types of check-ups to make the best use of your hard-earned money.


Therefore, the ideal health insurance plan is the perfect combination of a lower premium, higher sum insured, maximum coverage, and minimal exclusions. Thus, you should be watchful while selecting the diabetes cover online. So, do not just buy health insurance, consider all these points to buy the right one that helps you and your loved ones to fight with diabetes.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this article is only for reference purpose. Underwriting of claims for diabetes subject to policy terms and conditions.


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