Reasons You Should Insist Your Elders for COVID-19 Vaccination


Reasons You Should Insist Your Elders for COVID-19 Vaccination

Stopping a corona outbreak requires using all the available tools, whether it is a mask, sanitizer, or vaccine. COVID-19 vaccination is the new wave in the country that everybody is discussing these days. But the concern is how many are actually interested in taking the shot. People, especially senior citizens, still have different apprehensions about vaccination despite knowing that they are the most vulnerable to getting infected. The vaccine is safe and helpful to curtail the spread of the virus. So if your parents or relatives are above 45 years, here are some crucial reasons to insist them to take the vaccine shots:


Authorities have given priority to people above 45 years for vaccination. They are more prone to the virus and have a weak immune system. That is why they should get the shots first and reduces their chances of getting positive. 

Easily Available 

A vaccine is readily available in most public and private hospitals across the country. You need to register the elder member's details through the Arogya Setu app or another reliable source. You will get the slot, including the day and time to visit the hospital for the first doze. Do follow the schedule to avoid the crowd and get the slot for the next dose. 

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Free of Cost

Corona vaccine is available free of cost at government hospitals. Senior citizens do not need to pay for it. Only registration is required, and they can get it quickly. However, for private hospitals, you can inquire if they are charging for it. Although, the charges cannot go beyond the maximum limit. 


Make them understand that vaccine is good for them as well as for the whole family. If they get it, their chances of infection will be reduced, and the other family members are also stay protected from the corona. 

Minor Side Effects

The COVID vaccine has only minor side effects such as fever, nausea, tiredness, or headache depends on person to person. You can consult with their doctor about what medicines they can take if they experienced any above side effects after vaccination.

Build Immunity

Senior citizens have weak immunity that is why virus or bacteria can quickly attack their bodies. Corona vaccine develops antibodies in the body that build their immunity stronger and increase their resistance power. 

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Stop the Spread

Getting a vaccination is one good way to stop the spread of the virus. That is why authorities insist and requesting citizens above 45 years to take their dose of vaccine as early as possible. The more vaccination happens, the lesser the cases will be, and the casualties will also reduce. 

What to Do After Vaccine Shots?

Elderlies who have been fully vaccinated need to take care of a few things: 

  • Wear a mask and carry sanitizer
  • Maintain 6 feet distance in the crowd
  • Keep taking your regular medicines
  • Consult with the doctor for any health issue 
  • Encourage other people for vaccination
  • Buy health insurance for senior citizens

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Health insurance is crucial for elderlies. We offer Care Senior as the most comprehensive health insurance for senior citizens, giving them extensive coverage and affordable premium. It also provides coverage for COVID-19. So, do not delay, get this medical insurance and help your parents, grandparents, uncle, or aunt to live healthy lives.  

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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