Quick tips looking after your Mental Health during Pregnancy


Quick tips looking after your Mental Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and new parenthood is an emotional roller coaster that brings permanent transformation in your life. It is common to experience emotional outbursts during pregnancy because of several hormonal changes in the body. On the one hand, you may be delighted to welcome your little bundle of joy into this world, but you may also be filled with apprehension and ambiguity about how your pregnancy journey will unfold.

As a result, it's normal to feel more stressed or anxious than usual. Dealing with physical changes inside your body may be less stressful than dealing with emotional or mental changes that may be affecting your mind. Here are some practical ways listed below to care for your emotional and physical well-being to help you cope with difficult pregnancy days.

Stay Active

Exercise allows you to divert your attention to something else and is beneficial to your and your baby's health. Exercising stimulates the release of endorphins, which aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Exercising while pregnant has numerous advantages, including relieving back pain, preventing constipation, and maintaining a healthy weight. Try going for a half-hour walk outside, or you can also try prenatal yoga from online videos.

Prioritize Yourself

Take time to look after your most valued priority – yourself! After all, a healthy mother equates to a healthy child. Self-care is an important part of managing mental and physical health during pregnancy. Allow yourself some downtime. Don't overwork yourself and know your limits by listening to your body. Plan special activities such as dinners with friends or spa visits. Set aside some time each day to clear your mind and do something you enjoy. It is also important that you get proper rest to feel mentally and physically healthy. Do not ignore your body's needs during your pregnancy. If you feel like taking a nap at any time of the day, take out some time for it as it is your body's way of telling you that it needs to rest. 

Nourishing Nosh

In your pregnancy, it is acceptable to give in to your hunger pangs occasionally, but try to stick to a regular eating schedule and make healthy food choices. To help with hunger and morning sickness, you can try to eat smaller portions more frequently. You can also consume a well-balanced diet that is rich in all key nutrients. Eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil and lean proteins, along with a prenatal vitamin is advisable. Avoid Listeria-prone foods such as deli meat, seafood, processed packaged food items and try to abstain from alcohol. Also, make sure to limit your intake of caffeine to one or two cups per day. Eating healthy food is not only good for your baby's development, but it also helps you feel good about yourself.

Talk Therapy 

Dealing with your pregnancy, your own self, your family responsibilities and your profession simultaneously can be a difficult task. Your loved ones can act as a support network to help you share the burden and your mental stress. You can also consider signing up for a prenatal class or online forum to get to know or talk to other parents and pregnant women who might be dealing with a similar situation. Seeing a professional therapist is also a great way to get some support.

Mandatory Maternity Insurance

While the anxiety of pregnancy will take a few days to fade away, one thing you won't have to worry about is hospitalization costs if you have suitable maternity coverage. Choosing maternity insurance that covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, maternity care and in-patient care will help you cherish your parenthood without any financial worries. You can choose CHI’s Maternity Insurance Plan - JOY that offers multiple maternity benefits to expecting mothers and also covers your new-born for up to 90 days. 

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