Long Covid: 5 Prolonged Effects of COVID-19 on People


Long Covid: 5 Prolonged Effects of COVID-19 on People

Eradicating this virus right now from the world is a lot like trying to plan the construction of a stepping-stone pathway to the Moon,” says Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis."

New covid-19 cases are dropping, but the long-term complications are far from over worldwide. As coronavirus is not yet in the endemic phase, people have been experiencing long covid symptoms even after being fully vaccinated. It is highly unforeseeable to determine who is more likely to experience post covid symptoms and the complications they will continue to have even after recovering from the infection. It is perceived that people with Covid-19 started to feel better within a few days and fully recovered within a few weeks, whereas the symptoms have lasted longer for some. This condition is termed long covid or post covid-19 syndrome and is still being studied.

Here we shed some light on long covid and its 5 prolonged effects of Covid-19 on people you must know about.

What is Long Covid?

People exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 may have a variety of new, recurring, or ongoing health issues. These disorders are known as post covid symptoms. 

However, no such diagnosis can tell whether your symptoms or illness are brought on by COVID-19. Several conditions result from COVID and are based on your medical history, including whether you were previously diagnosed with COVID-19 due to a positive test result, symptoms, or exposure.

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Prolonged Effects of Post-Covid Complication

Long covid symptoms will not affect everyone the same way but people have been experiencing health problems from different combinations of symptoms developing over time. Although a few symptoms gradually improve, many conditions may also last months or years after getting infected with coronavirus and can sometimes result in disability. We have mentioned 5 most common prolonged effects of post covid symptoms below-

Post Covid Complications Causes
Breathing Issues

Covid-19 cases that had gone worse in the past have caused scarring and other health issues in the lungs among people. Mild lung infections have also led to persistent breathlessness and getting puffed out easily while doing minor chores or exertion.

Doctors say lung recovery after covid-19 is not impossible, but healing takes time. It may take months for a person’s lungs to function smoothly. Respiratory and regular breathing exercises are highly recommended to be in fine fettle again.

Heart Problems

Covid-19 infection may cause heart problems, including heart muscle inflammation, in those previously infected.

Moreover, one research showed that people who recovered from COVID-19 had experienced ongoing heart inflammation, which could lead to breathlessness, palpitations and rapid heartbeat symptoms. Even those with minor symptoms and who had no medical issues before they got sick have complained about inflammation as well.

Kidney Damage There can be the risk of long-term kidney disease and the need for dialysis if coronavirus has impacted your kidneys.
Neurologic Problems Some people develop mid-to-long-term following covid infection, fatigue, brain fog, headaches and dizziness. The reason for these symptoms is still undiscovered but is a concern under investigation.
Cognitive Problems

After an acute coronavirus infection, cognitive impairment can have an adverse effect on a person's life. Long-haul COVID patients may experience changes in their thinking, concentration, speaking, and memory. These symptoms may make it difficult for them to work or even carry out essential daily tasks.

Some people experience persistent anxiety, depression, and other post-covid mental health problems even after they have recovered from the coronavirus.

Why COVID-19 Causes Ongoing Health Problems

Among all the long covid symptoms, organ damage is the most life-threatening as it directly affects the heart, kidneys, lungs and brain. One may experience prolonged inflammation and conditions related to the immune system. How long these effects would last has yet to be investigated. There have also been cases where people have developed new conditions such as diabetes and heart and nervous system condition. 

However, more investigations by medical experts will shed light on why these prolonged health problems persist in people even after completely recovering from the infection.

Risk Factors of Post-Covid Syndrome

You would experience post-COVID-19 syndrome only if:

  • You got severely sick due to COVID-19 and were hospitalised or needed intensive care at home.
  • You had pre-existing medical conditions before getting infected with the covid-19 virus.
  • You were going through a condition affecting your tissues and organs (multisystem inflammatory syndrome) when you contracted the covid-19 virus.

It has also been found that post-covid syndrome appears to be more prevalent among adults than in youngsters. Also, those with no symptoms or mild symptoms of COVID-19 could experience post-covid symptoms.

Does Your Health Insurance Give You Financial Protection Against Long Covid?

If your health insurance protects you against covid-19, it will also cover you for post covid complications. However, choose health insurance plans that protect you against the hospitalisation expenses and diagnostic costs incurred in treating Long Covid. Thus, it is wise to invest in the health insurance policy offered by Care Health Insurance to ensure that your savings don’t take a major hit during health emergencies related to long covid symptoms.

Disclaimer: Please verify the policy details and coverage with official documents. Also, kindly consult a professional medical expert to verify the details of health concerns.

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