5 Natural Ways to Treat the Symptoms of Insulin Resistance


natural ways to treat insulin resistance

As someone on the edge of becoming diabetic due to insulin resistance, taking charge of your health status is necessary. Data reveals that more than 50% of patients happen to develop type-2 diabetics due to ill-maintained insulin resistance and hormone functioning. In this article, note the vital symptoms of insulin resistance while following the effective natural remedies to reverse this condition. 

What is the Meaning of Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance or insulin sensitivity is a condition wherein the body does not respond to the insulin hormone– responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. Specifically, cells present in the muscles, fat, and liver stop responding normally to insulin. This prevents glucose from entering the cells easily, leading to its build-up in the blood. That’s how it turns into type 2 diabetes. 

4 Unavoidable Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Although insulin resistance is a silent entrant into the body, patients experience a plethora of common symptoms as visualized below:

symptoms of diabetes

Besides these common symptoms, you should not overlook the below-mentioned critical insulin resistance symptoms:

Constantly Rising Blood Sugar Levels

Do not ignore even the slightest increase in your blood sugar levels, especially when the rise is constant month-on-month. This can be a sign of pre-diabetes and there are higher chances of this condition turning into permanent insulin resistance. 

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Dark Patches on the Skin

A commonly overlooked pre-diabetes symptom is a dark patch of skin developing around your armpits, neck, groin, or other areas. This is a warning sign of high levels of blood insulin that cannot be reversed if left untreated. 

Lower HDL Cholesterol Levels 

Given the direct correlation between cholesterol and diabetes, it is highly important to keep a constant check on your cholesterol levels. An early symptom of insulin resistance is low levels of HDL or good cholesterol, and higher levels of bad cholesterol. 

Higher Blood Pressure Reading

Diabetes becomes an open crack for the vulnerable body, inviting a host of conditions, including high blood pressure. While your body isn’t responding to insulin well, it also becomes salt-sensitive– a condition associated with hypertension. Studies suggest that the higher the insulin levels are, the higher the blood pressure. 

5 Ways to Treat Insulin Resistance Naturally

However prolonged, natural treatment of insulin resistance is still possible with the following steps:

Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine

Following a sedentary lifestyle while dealing with increased blood sugar levels can cost you your life. Experts have witnessed a higher risk of heart disease and nerve damage among diabetics avoiding any physical activity. That’s why exercising should be an indispensable part of your everyday routine. Take up easy to moderate activities like walking, cycling, swimming,  yoga, etc. 

Eat a Nutrient-rich Diet & Try Intermittent Fasting

As a pre-diabetic, your insulin resistance diet should be packed with soluble fibres like oatmeal and flaxseeds, and fibrous fruits like apples, berries, and plums. Also, it is important to strictly eliminate fatty food, including fried items, junk food and processed carbs from your diet. 

Also, studies reveal that intermittent fasting for insulin resistance is as effective as daily calorie restriction. Taking set hours of break from food consumption can lower diabetes risk significantly. 

Maintain Your BMI

Controlling insulin resistance becomes more difficult when you are over or underweight. Mostly, obese patients tend to struggle in managing their diet and sticking to workouts. Obesity can trigger the release the fatty acids– which in turn – can worsen insulin resistance. Thus, it is highly important to maintain healthy body weight with dietary and activity changes. 

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Sleep Well 

A disturbed sleep cycle may sound trivial but it is one of the biggest hurdles for your body’s insulin resistance goals. The more sleep-deprived you are, the more fluctuating your blood glucose levels become. Ensure a good 8-hour sleep cycle around the same time every day to regulate your blood sugar effortlessly.

Change Your Lifestyle

Finally, an essential step to regulate your blood glucose levels and overall functioning is by making small and steady lifestyle changes. Avoid taking too much stress, keep yourself busy doing positive activities like gardening, socialise often, do positive self-talk, and do your own chores. 

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