Know the Benefits of Home Health Care Services in a Health Insurance


Know the Benefits of Home Health Care Services in a Health Insurance

With the increasing health ailments and medical inflation, it has become a necessity to get a health insurance policy. It comes with numerous benefits that provide financial aid to the insured in case of a contingency. Suppose you or anyone in your family is suffering from a severe health issue and needs to visit the hospital frequently. Then, in such a situation, it is essential to be sure that your medical insurance covers home care services. The concept of providing home care services is gaining popularity in India. It helps in looking after the aging population or those who are not able to visit the hospital. In the last few years, there has been a massive development in the healthcare industry. Particularly, in the time of lockdown that has urged people to stay indoors, the home care service is becoming relevant.

What is Home Care Services?

Home care is care that allows an individual with special needs to stay in their home. It is best suited for individuals who are getting older, suffering from chronic illness, or recovering from surgery. The primary benefit of home care services is that it helps in avoiding unnecessary hospitalisation and allows the patient to get services at the confinement of the home as per doctor’s recommendation Care Health Insurance( Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) provides home care services as an additional optional cover. It covers expenses that are incurred towards hiring a qualified nurse according to the doctor’s approval. The company will cover Rs. 1000 for a maximum of 7 days per hospitalisation. Maximum coverage of 45 days is available in a policy tenure .

Essential Things to Consider Before Opting For Home Care Services

Mentioned below are certain factors that should be considered before opting for home care services:

  • It is essential to look for expert medical professionals in the confinement of home. Since this service is related to the health and recovery of the patient, absolute care should be taken.
  • Before opting for home care services, it is essential to discuss the coverage provided for a particular treatment and the exclusions of the health policy. Care Health Insurance offers it as an optional cover. The main benefit of home care services is that it helps in quick recovery.
  • In India, home care services have just introduced and are gradually gaining importance. Thus, it is essential to do proper research before opting for it.

Final Word

With the improvement in medical facilities, home care services can be easily carried out at home. With the help of this cover, the patient can recover in a safe environment. Home care services are beneficial for elderly patients who cannot go out of home. The inclusion of these services in a regular health cover is cost-effective for the insured. If you are looking for an adequate health insurance policy covering home care services, then you must opt for Care Freedom. This health insurance provides home care services as an optional cover. In this optional cover, the company will indemnify for the expenses incurred towards hiring a nurse as per doctor’s recommendation in writing.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Please refer to policy terms and conditions carefully.

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