How to protect yourself against Diseases in the Rainy Season?


How to protect yourself against Diseases in the Rainy Season?

While rains bring us relief from the heat during the summers, the damp environment during the monsoon is the most favourable condition for germs and diseases as they breed during that time. Although the rainy season is the most awaited season for most of us, it brings an unhealthy and sickening environment for those who don’t take enough precautions. 

Most of the diseases in the rainy season are water-borne as the weather becomes conducive for disease-causing bacteria and viruses. People land up in hospitals due to uncontrolled infections due to monsoon diseases. 

This blog will highlight the cause of diseases in the rainy season and how you can protect yourself against those diseases.

Cause of Diseases in Rainy Season

As you experience the respite during the monsoon, you may forget that taking a few precautions will help you and your loved one stay healthy. The risk of being exposed to multiple infections and viruses gets higher during monsoon due to the moisture in the air. Air enables harmful microorganisms to travel, resulting in the transmission of monsoon diseases.

Most of the diseases in the rainy season goes undiagnosed until they start deteriorating our health. Therefore, early diagnosis and preventive measures are necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe during the monsoon season.

The most common Diseases in the Rainy Season 

  • Viral fever- One can suffer viral fever due to sudden weather changes. People with low immunity are more susceptible to it as it spreads through air and physical contact. Once you experience symptoms like fatigue, chills, body aches and fever, visit the doctor for a proper consultation.

  • Dengue and Chikungunya- These two viruses cause the most common diseases in the rainy season. The virus is transmitted through the mosquitoes that multiply in contaminated and stagnant water. Common symptoms are joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, rashes, and exhaustion. It is always recommended to keep the areas clean and dry.
  • Malaria- Malaria and monsoon are closely connected. It is one of the most common monsoon diseases that happen due to mosquitoes breeding in clogged water. One may experience chills, fever and sweating, that occur a few weeks after being bitten. It is always recommended not to let water clog anywhere.
  • Fungal infections- The cosy and humid conditions during the monsoon season make the perfect environment for microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria to grow and thrive to cause skin infections. One faces Fungal infections in the rainy season are usually ringworms, athlete's foot, fungal nail infection, among others.

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Prevention from Monsoon Diseases

Prevention is better than cure and being safe should always be the priority during such weather conditions that make you vulnerable. However, you can take the following preventive and precautionary measures to protect yourself from diseases in the rainy season.

  • Always make sure that you don’t drink water from public places. Clean water is a key to a healthy monsoon.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption.

  • Use mosquito repellent and stay covered while stepping out.

  • Avoid eating food from outside no matter how tempting it is and consume fresh homemade food.

  • Avoid going to crowded places to reduce the risk of viral infections.

  • Maintain your personal and environmental hygiene.

  • Ensure open drains and manholes are covered in your vicinity.

  • See a doctor as soon as you experience worrisome symptoms.


Rains are undeniably fun for those who love to let go of themselves to the downpours. Monsoon is one of the most loved weathers by many but with monsoon comes some evil diseases too. Ensure that you enjoy rains and protect yourself from monsoon diseases.

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