5 Health Tips You Should Follow During Monsoon


5 health tips you should follow during monsoon

Monsoon season brings a pleasant change; the refreshing breeze drives away the fatigue caused by the summer heat. At the same time, the sultry weather that follows can be quite annoying and difficult to manage. Moreover, the rainy season is the time when vector-borne diseases are high, more than any other season. To ensure you and your loved ones are hale and hearty, all it takes is a few simple precautionary steps and smart lifestyle choices.

Here are some health tips for monsoon you should follow.

1. Keep Mosquitoes Away

The rainy season provides conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes are mainly responsible for causing vector-borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue. It is necessary to take suitable measures to protect your home from mosquitoes. It includes the use of mosquito repellent and keeping the windows and doors closed to prevent them from entering the house.

2. Stay Rejuvenated with Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea has therapeutic benefits; it is particularly beneficial if you experience cough and cold. You can prepare herbal tea with various spices and herbs that are available in your kitchen. You can include vital ingredients in the tea, such as ginger, cloves, tulsi, cinnamon, pepper, and mint. Herbal tea will boost your immune system and help your body fight against diseases.

3. Eat Freshly Cooked Foods

The chances of infections during monsoon season are high. Unhygienic food or water can be responsible for food poisoning and other problems due to the presence of certain bacteria. Make sure you store food the right way. Do not keep cut fruits and vegetables as they spoil quickly owing to the moist weather. You will stay healthy in monsoon if you have freshly-cooked meals and avoid raw foods. Remember to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consuming them.

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4. Take a Nutritious Diet

It is essential to watch your diet during monsoon. Having a nutritious meal with immunity-boosting foods is vital during this season. A healthy diet plays a crucial role in monsoon diseases prevention and cure. The better your immunity is, the more effectively your body will fight against illnesses. Consume home-cooked food and include food items such as turmeric, honey, ginger, garlic, mustard, and coriander to boost your immune system.

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5. Maintain Personal Hygiene

There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of washing hands regularly to prevent infections. Everyone should follow these basic hygienic practices. If you have to step out of the house, make sure you have protective rain gear, including an umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof footwear. And, take a shower when you come back home or after getting drenched in the rain. It would help in stabilising your body temperature.

Stay Safe during Monsoon

Drenching in the rain or going for long drives may seem exciting; however, it is better to exercise caution. Know about the health safety tips for monsoon season and follow the same. The rains are best enjoyed indoors with a cup of tea. We say indoors because, at present, that is the safest thing to do, given the fact the world is still battling the pandemic. It is equally essential to take the best care of your health to keep illnesses away.

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