How to Port Corona Health Insurance?


How to Port Corona Health Insurance?

The fight against the deadly coronavirus is still on, with the number of cases making us all anxious. The situation demands that we diligently follow the health safety measures to stop the spread, even as we wait for the vaccination. Facing a pandemic is not less than a war and calls for proper planning on all fronts, including health and finances. Your family needs the best protection in such critical times. Thus, investing in health insurance with coronavirus cover is a decision you should not delay making.

If your existing health cover does not provide COVID-19 coverage, it is time that you secure your family by switching to health insurance covering COVID-19. Those looking to port their policy can consider the indemnity-based health insurance plans by Care Health Insurance that now offer comprehensive coronavirus treatment coverage. The IRDAI allows policyholders to switch a policy while retaining the benefits.

Before you port to health insurance with corona cover, take a thorough look at the policy documents and understand the inclusions, exclusions, and renewability feature.

This article explains the procedure you need to follow to port your regular health policy to a health insurance policy with coronavirus coverage.

Things to Note Before Porting Coronavirus Health Insurance

It is undoubtedly advantageous if you plan to port your policy to a comprehensive policy with COVID coverage. The policy benefits will include coverage for in-patient hospitalization, ICU charges, room rent, day care procedures, pre and post hospitalization medical expenses, and quarantine at government authorized centers.

If we count the risks, especially for our elderly family members and those with a pre-existing disease, health insurance with COVID cover is a vital financial support. It ensures peace of mind when tackling the uncertainties. More importantly, one has access to cashless hospitalization, which reduces the efforts of paying medical bills. CHI has over 8,350 network hospitals where you can get cashless medical treatment in a hassle-free manner.

The insured persons should note the following points to port any health insurance policy:

  • They can port a policy only at the stage of policy renewal.
  • Coverage benefits of the old policy will be retained, such as credit for the waiting period and accrued benefits and bonuses.
  • Insured persons can port any individual or family health policy.

For avoiding hasty decisions and last-minute hassles, it is advisable to start searching for health cover much before the renewal date approaches. Assess if the new plan is affordable and comes with adequate coronavirus coverage. Do not miss to review the features, such as waiting period, sub-limits, co-payment, and exclusions, which will help you plan your finances.

Steps to Port to a Health Insurance Policy with COVID-19 Cover

You can port your health insurance policy in a few easy steps. Firstly, notify your existing insurer in writing for a port-in request at least 45 days before renewal. Also, you have to mention the company to which you want to port the policy.

Here are the steps to port your policy to Care health insurance plans: 

  • Fill up a portability form with existing insurance details, such as the insured persons' name and age.
  • Fill up the proposal form by giving complete details and submit relevant documents.
  • The requisite data is furnished on the official web portal of IRDAI.
  • The new insurer will underwrite the proposal. It will inform you within 15 days.

Final Word 

Do not be lenient when it comes to tackling the health risks, especially in the current pandemic situation. When your health and that of your loved ones matter the most to you, it is wise to safeguard it by choosing coronavirus health insurance cover.

It might take a little more time until everyone gets a vaccine. Till then, your family’s protection is in your hands. Porting a health insurance policy enables you to access enhanced services along with maximum coverage and benefits.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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