How to Control Diabetes? 4 Ways to Keep Your Sugar Level in Control


How to Control Diabetes? 4 Ways to Keep Your Sugar Level in Control

As per the study reports published by the Indian Council of Medical Research on India Diabetes 2023, approximately 10.1 crore people suffer from diabetes in India. Around 15.3% of surveyed people suffered from pre-diabetes, and many more suffered from obesity. The cases are higher among the urban population.

Blood sugar is primarily the sugar content found in your blood. Various foods that you eat contain sugar content, and when you intake it, your body breaks down the sugar content and releases it in the blood. When the blood sugar is released, the pancreas produces insulin to utilise the blood sugar content. Blood sugar is the primary source of energy for your body. Hence, maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar is essential to avoid health complications. This article will talk about diabetes and how to control blood sugar levels.

An excessive rise in the level of blood sugar is known as diabetes. This condition basically happens when your body is not able to produce enough insulin or is not able to utilise the produced insulin. The exact cause behind this is not always possible to know. This article will help you understand how to control diabetes. So read on to find out more on how to control blood sugar. But, before we delve in deep you should know-

What are the Types of Diabetes?

Broadly, there are two types of diabetes:

1. Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the one where the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin. Hence, it leads to excessive accumulation of blood sugar. Know further how to control type 1 diabetes.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, the body is not able to properly utilise the produced insulin in the diabetes. Hence, the blood sugar level increases since it cannot be utilised. This article will help you know how to control type 2 diabetes.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

Pre-diabetes, as the name suggests, is a stage where the person is on the borderline of Type 2 diabetes. There are chances that in future, the person may develop blood sugar levels if proper care is not taken. These are also known as borderline sugar patients. Pre-diabetic people have a higher blood sugar level than normal, but it is yet not high enough to be labelled as Type 2 diabetes. People often ask how can you control diabetes since such people can still be saved from being prey of diabetes.

The answer to how to control pre-diabetes is lifestyle changes like regular exercise, healthy diet, healthy weight, stress management, and so on. Although even after all the precautions taken, there are chances that pre-diabetic people may develop Type 2 diabetes. However, taking care can help a lot in delaying or even avoiding it.

High Blood Sugar Chart: When to Take Immediate Action?

In order to know how to control glucose levels, you must first have an idea of the normal and high blood sugar levels in your body. So, before moving forward with how can we control sugar or how to control fasting blood sugar, let's first focus on the chart given below:

Category A1C Test Fasting Blood Sugar Level Glucose Tolerance Test
Glucose Tolerance Test 6.5% or above 126 mg/dL or above 200 mg/dL or above
Prediabetes range 5.7 – 6.4% 100 to 125 mg/dL 100 to 125 mg/dL
Normal range Below 5.7% Below 99 mg/dL 140 mg/dL or below

How to Control Sugar Levels?

Below mentioned are some tips on how to control sugar. If you or anyone in the family has high blood sugar and wonders, "How do you control diabetes?" it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before approaching any remedy!

1. Insulin Doses

People with diabetes are often prescribed insulin doses. It may be taken with the help of an injection. It is basically the extra dose of insulin provided to your body so the blood sugar level can be brought under control. The doses per day are suggested by the doctor.

2. Oral Drugs

Diabetics are also prescribed certain oral drugs. Depending on the type of diabetes and the severity, the drugs are prescribed. Make sure to take these on time to avoid high blood sugar complications.

3. Lifestyle Changes

Doctors always suggest lifestyle changes when people ask how can we control sugar. A healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management, and a healthy weight are basics.

4. Surgery

In some cases, doctors may recommend pancreas transplantation. However, it may not be the best decision for everyone since pancreas transplantation is not always successful.

How do You Control Sugar Levels Immediately?

Sometimes, diabetic people may experience a sudden shoot-up in their sugar level, and it may be due to various reasons. In such a case, you must know how to control blood sugar immediately.

Fast-acting insulin is one of the fastest methods of controlling high blood sugar levels. It can be taken in the form of injections, which help bring down the sugar level within 15 minutes and stay for 4 hours. There is also slow-acting insulin that begins working within 30 minutes. Take medicines and insulin as suggested by your doctor.

In serious cases, it is better to visit your doctor than to take medicines and treatment on your own.

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How to Control Diabetes without Medicine?

Most of the people have to take medicines once they develop diabetes. However, people often wonder how to control diabetes without drugs. There are certain lifestyle changes that can really help keep blood sugar under control. Here is how to control sugar diabetes:

1. Regular Exercise

Go for regular exercise. You may do yoga, jogging, walking, or light exercise. Make sure to do it regularly. It helps your body manage high blood sugar levels.

2. Cut on Extra Body Weight

Regular exercise, along with a proper diet, will also promote a healthy body weight. Obesity is another major risk factor for diabetes. So, try to cut on the extra body weight.

3. A Healthy Diet

People with diabetes are recommended to take a high-insoluble fibre diet. It helps in slowing down the progress of blood sugar levels. Vegetables, legumes, fruits, etc. are rich in insoluble fibre.

Control your carb intake. A high-carb-rich food can lead to a further increase in blood sugar levels. You may talk to your doctor or a nutritionist who can help you make a better diet plan.

4. Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink enough water. It not only keeps you hydrated and energetic but also flushes out extra blood sugar through urine.

5. Eat in Portion

Diabetics are recommended portion management. Eating less in portions and eating slowly helps in managing diabetes. It also promotes weight loss. Do not stuff your stomach at once.

6. Stress Management

Stress is the prime reason for a number of diseases. So, try to learn stress management as it also lowers diabetes. You may do yoga, meditation, listen to calm music, etc., to keep yourself calm.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Diabetes can happen to people who have a family history of diabetes or even to those who have no known family history of diabetes. Usually, poor lifestyle, obesity, underlying health problems, and lack of physical activities put you at risk of getting diabetes. So, bringing basic changes is the answer to how to control blood glucose levels. Not just diabetes, but a healthy lifestyle is the key to avoiding various health problems.

Diabetes can lead to serious health issues including cardio vascular diseases, which means the burden of a huge out-of-pocket expenses. To help you cope with the rising medical costs, you may invest in a diabetes health insurance policy as those offered by Care Health Insurance. Care Freedom is designated to cater to the needs of the people with diabetes and high BP. It offers comprehensive coverage for you and your loved ones. You can visit our official website to check the plan or allow our experts to connect with you for further information.

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