How does Smoking affect your Health Insurance Premium?


How does Smoking affect your Health Insurance Premium?

“Nothing is more important than your health- that’s your principal capital asset.” People often ignore how they are harming themselves and their health with a few habits that are proven to be life-threatening. You are protected against various illnesses and injuries if you have a health insurance plan, but certain factors affect the health insurance premium. If you have a health insurance plan, you are protected against various illnesses and injuries, but certain factors affect the health insurance premium Smoking is one of the significant factors that affect your health insurance premium and makes you pay a higher cost. Insurance providers count smoking as the most crucial component while calculating your premium.

There is a pervasive myth that insurance providers deny health insurance to smokers. Contrary to this myth, health insurance providers give coverage to smokers but with a different set of terms and conditions. 

You are probably curious about how smoking can affect the cost of your health insurance premium. Your insurance provider will always establish your premium higher than the cost of the usual premium if you are a smoker.

According to an India Today’s article, as of 2019, 34.6% of adults in India are smokers.

This blog is more like an awakening call for those who smoke and need to understand their health insurance possibilities.

Impact of Smoking on Health Insurance Premium

There are various reasons related to health that will make you pay more premium costs if you smoke. Some of the severe illnesses you may face while smoking are as follows-

• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

• Emphysema

• Hypertension

• Heart Disease

• Lung Cancer

• Respiratory Illness and complications

• Stroke

Smoking may lead to complications like osteoporosis in pregnant women. Considering the gravity of such illnesses and deaths caused due to smoking, it becomes evident to understand why you have to pay more premium to avail of health insurance. The health risks of smoker are more than the one who doesn’t smoke.

Smoking may lead to critical illnesses like cancer; therefore, it is essential to avail a critical illness policy that protects you against critical health conditions. Smoking habits have their own repercussions in the long run if you keep your life at stake and keep ignoring your health.

Also, the tax benefit on health insurance premium can help you in financial planning and benefit you in the long run.

Why is Disclosing about Smoking to your Insurer Important?

It’s a mandate to disclose pre-existing diseases and habits to your insurer before buying one. Ensure that you give honest information to your insurer while buying your health insurance. To experience a hassle-free claim process and avoid rejection, just be true to fact. Concealing of information could jeopardise your claim process and lead you to distress. Even if you are not a frequent smoker, you must mention that in the application form.

Due to the rising competition among insurance companies and incidences of people concealing their health conditions and habits, insurers have become more rigorous with their investigation process before giving claims.

Smoker with Pre-existing Health Conditions

People often ignore buying health insurance and take their health for granted. If you are a smoker and experiencing deteriorated health or facing symptoms of severe illness, you need to understand the importance of health insurance before it gets too late.

What should you do if you start to experience symptoms and don’t have health insurance? Before any further ado, make honest disclosures to your insurance provider, and you will be asked to go through medical tests. Once you buy health insurance, you will have to wait until your pre-existing disease waiting period. However, it is definitely going to benefit you in the long run.

With Care Health Insurance’s add-on benefit, you can reduce your waiting period from 48 months to 28 months.

If you need immediate coverage, you can buy critical illness insurance to take care of any emergency treatment you may need.

How do Insurance Companies find if you Smoke?

Insurers have a process of questioning prospective insured people about their habits and health conditions. They may ask you about your smoking habits or if you have consumed tobacco in the last 6 months. You might not have to pay the penalty for concealing information, but this is considered an illegitimate practice.

Insurers may insist you get medical tests if they suspect that you could be a smoker. Traces of nicotine are easily detected in your urine, blood, hair, or saliva, and that’s when they establish your premium. 

Smoking is proven to be a life-threatening habit leading to higher health risks of critical illnesses like heart disease and cancer; it is best to quit smoking without delay. 

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Concealing the details may lead to a substantial financial burden on the policyholder. However, establishing that you are a smoker when buying health insurance ensures access to benefits without any barriers.

For those diagnosed with such conditions, every day is a constant challenge on the health front. A critical illness insurance cover offers adequate coverage for various medical expenses, thus ensuring financial security. A well-planned Critical Health Insurance will help you cover the indemnity cost of the treatment as and when you need it the most.  Care Health Insurance’s thoughtfully designed SuperMediclaim – The Superhero of Health Insurance ensures you don’t have to suffer in the time of need. Our policy covers 32 critical illnesses and provides psychiatric counselling for a speedy recovery as we aim to prioritise your health. Under a critical insurance policy, you will get lifelong protection at an affordable premium to pay your premium with a monthly or quarterly payment option. 

Disclaimer - The above information is for reference purposes only—Policy Assurance and Claims at underwriter discretion.

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