Here’s What You Must Know About Super Top Up Health Insurance


Healthcare costs in India are rising upwards at a steady rate. When Shikha realised this fact, she immediately opted for a family floater plan. It was a safety net she chose at the right time, as a few months later she suffered an injury and was hospitalised. A month later, her mother was also hospitalised for a minor ailment. 

The total hospitalisation expenses came out to be Rs 7 lakh. The base health insurance policy opted by Shikha had a maximum coverage of Rs 5 lakh. Having always trusted her own decision-making abilities, Shikha is now stress-free about how the remaining expenses would be covered. She also had purchased a super top up health insurance plan that will now cover all those expenses that she would have to bear otherwise from her pocket. 

A regular health policy may not be enough to match the medical expenditures which can be surprisingly high at times. Buying a super top up plans is a sensible decision you can make in order to be prepared for any contingencies.  

What is a Super Top Up Policy? 

Healthcare costs are at an all-time high which is why it is essential to have a health cover. Medical expenditures can sometimes take us by surprise and exceed the amount that an existing health policy can actually cover. Here is when super top up plans help by providing financial back-up in such challenging situations. 

Super top up health insurance policies, like top-up policies, provide added coverage above the threshold limit of the base health insurance plan. The benefits of such plans come with a deductible which is a pre-defined amount up to which your super top up /top up plan will not provide cover. The expenses up to this limit must be borne by your existing health plan or directly by you.  

While a top-up plan offers coverage only for a single claim, a super top up plan is advantageous as it considers the cumulative hospitalisation expenses in a policy year and covers multiple claims.  

Why is Super Top Up Policy Beneficial? 

By opting for a super top up plan, a policyholder of an existing health insurance plan will have lot advantages, as discussed below:

  • Going for a health insurance plan with increased coverage would mean a higher premium amount. Choosing a super top up plan instead is an affordable option. Super top up plans that come with a high deductible amount at low premium cost. With proper planning, you can avail the full benefits of such plans without any cost burden. 
  • If you do not have a regular health insurance plan, it is still possible to purchase a super top up plan. However, it is recommended to buy a base plan to cover the amounts below the deductible. Otherwise, you may have to bear the expenses from your pocket. 
  • You do not need to buy a super top up plan from your existing insurer. You can avail the plan from any other insurer. Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers ‘Enhance’ with numerous benefits such as cashless facility, annual health check-up and a range of sum insured options.  
  • Super top up plans are available as individual covers as well as family floater policies. 


A super top up health insurance is recommended for anyone having a health cover and is looking to minimise the burden of huge medical costs. In particular, such plans are beneficial if your existing policy proves inadequate. It is especially valid for those having mediclaim policy offered by employer. 

If you know that there are high medical expenditures you might have to deal with, it is wise to choose a super top up plan that will prevent any impact on your savings. 

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers ‘Enhance’ which is a super top up plan with a range of options of sum insured and deductible, to enable you make the right choice for your financial security.