Is it Wiser to opt for Health Insurance Plan with a Higher Sum Insured or a Super Top-up Plan?


Health insurance plans have attained immense importance in the last few years. With the increasing medical costs, there has been an increase in the overall expenses of family. At times, a single health insurance policy is not sufficient especially, if you have a family to support. In such conditions, it is either advised to opt for two health insurance policies or increase the sum insured. If you are puzzled between whether you should opt for a health insurance plan with a higher sum insured or opt for a super top-up plan. Both plans have their own benefits. 

Idea 1: Buying health insurance with a higher sum insured

Sum insured is the amount that is offered to the policyholder in case of an unplanned event such as medical exigency. It is a reimbursement cost that the policyholder has to bear in case of loss. Health insurance policies with a higher sum insured can be expensive but it gives ease at the time of claiming the reimbursement under the health insurance plan. 

Idea 2: Buying health insurance with a super top-up plan

Tops-up plans are an additional cover for an existing plan or mediclaim. Its sole purpose is to enhance your existing cover. It can be bought at an affordable premium. An individual can ask for a quote after giving the details online. 

For your better understanding, let’s know the benefits of each plan

Particulars Higher Sum Insured Plan Regular Health Insurance Policy with a Super Top-Up Plan
Premium Premium is higher compared to health insurance with top-up plans  Premium is lower as compared to health plans with high sum insured
Claims  The claim is easy and is cashless The process is simple, but it may not always be cashless
Policy portability Porting is easy Porting the health insurance policy with a super top-up plan is difficult to port.

Therefore, you can either opt for a health insurance plan with a higher sum insured that may raise the annual premium or a regular health insurance plan with a super top-up plan according to your requirement. However, it is suggested to have a regular health insurance plan with super top-up plan. In this way, the regular insurance policy can cover medical costs and if the cost goes beyond the sum insured limits, then you can use the top-up plan. 

Over to you!

In life, you must have numerous financial goals, and in order to meet them a thoughtful planning is a must. If you have a higher sum insured, then you may not have to be dependent on the savings. In case if you find it difficult to opt for a higher sum insured, then you can prefer a super top-up plan as the latter is comparatively affordable. 

Now if you are aware of your requirements while opting for a health insurance plan, then visit the website of Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) and check the plans that are ideal for you. You can connect with our customer support team, they can guide you and help you in making an informed decision.