Healthy Aging - Essential Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Seniors


Healthy Aging - Essential Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Seniors

Age Gracefully and Follow These Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

We have often heard people talk about the importance of ageing gracefully. For many, it comes quite naturally, especially those who understand and accept the biological changes which happen in old age - wrinkles, sagging skin and health issues.

Illnesses especially become a cause of concern for those who have elderly parents or relatives at home. The risk of health conditions like diabetes, heart attack, lung disorders and dementia increases as a person ages. Finding quality healthcare and adequate finances to support can become a challenge without health plans. Investing in senior citizen health insurance is the best thing you can do to ensure the well-being of your aging parents and loved ones.

It is essential for senior citizens to realize that ageing can be enjoyable and stress-free if one is focused on leading a healthy lifestyle.

5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Aging

We give you some useful tips to follow.

1.Be Physically Active

While fatigue and lethargy are signs of growing old, elderly individuals should realize that lack of physical activity can be detrimental for their health. It can affect the flexibility of the joints; reduce bone strength and physical endurance as well as increase risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Regular exercises or activities such as walking, stretching, gardening, etc. can be highly beneficial for the body. Practicing yoga also immensely improves muscle tone and overall health.

2.Get Good Sleep

Sleep patterns tend to alter as one grows old. Insomnia, sleep apnea and difficulty in getting quality sleep are major problems for many senior citizens.

However, sound sleep is integral to maintaining a sound physical and mental health. Adults above the age of 65 years should aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in a day. By fixing a sleep schedule, going to bed early, and following deep breathing and relaxation techniques, senior adults can improve their sleep habits.

3.Discover New Interests

Life after retirement is the perfect time to pursue one’s hobbies that were once neglected due to hectic work-life. It is extremely important to keep oneself engaged in activities that bring happiness and peace of mind. Activities like solving crossword puzzles, reading and writing greatly enhance memory functions.

Identifying stress triggers and knowing how to tackle them is equally essential. Staying socially connected also has a tremendously positive effect on an individual’s mental and physical well-being.

4.Have a Balanced Diet

Nutritious food over junk food is advisable for a person of any age. Senior citizens must follow a diet depending on their health condition. For instance, those having hypertension should limit their sodium or ‘salt’ intake. Consuming fruits and vegetables are a vital component of a healthy diet. Like food, enough water intake is also essential for maintaining energy levels in the body.

5. Go for Regular Medical Check-ups

Scheduling regular visits to the doctor and diagnostic tests will help in identifying any hidden health problem and controlling it before it worsens. Speaking to a professional about your health conditions will give you new insights to dealing with age-related problems effectively. Whether it is dental care or check-ups for vision and hearing abilities, every effort must be made to ensure health problems are detected early and suitable treatment is sought.

Minimize health risks with timely health check-ups. Medical Insurance Plans for senior citizens by Care Health Insurance have annual health check-ups as one of its key features.

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