Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


In today’s world, with the lifestyle that everyone follows, staying healthy has become extremely necessary. Believe it or not, the lifestyle today is a lot more sedentary than what it used to be a few years back. Many of us conveniently skip our daily fitness routine (some of us don’t even have one in place) and junk food is something that everyone relishes more than home food. While it is fine occasionally, it a strict no-no if you are doing it every second day. Because of the haphazard routines, many have their dinners late at night. You see where we are going, aren’t you?!

Today, many of the neuro problems, heart diseases, obesity, and so on are seen in young people because of such an undisciplined lifestyle. Yes, with the availability of health insurance plans, your hospital expenses are covered, but do you really want that? Insurance plans are there to be used when a medical emergency occurs or when age and associated factors take a toll on an individual’s health. At a younger age, when there is a scope of leading a healthy life, you should always opt for that. Here are some pro tips to make it possible: -

1.Have a Morning Drink

By morning drink, we definitely do not imply ‘bed tea’. As soon as you wake up, make a habit of drinking two glasses of warm water. Squeeze half a lemon in it and a teaspoon of honey. You can also substitute honey with black salt. There’s a recent addition to this - bullet coffee. You need to mix a little bit of ghee (unsalted butter) into a cup of black coffee, blend it, and have it like an espresso shot. These work as detox drinks. 

2.Go for a Workout

Even if that means taking a walk in the park, so be it. Usually, people come up with excuses that there is no gym nearby, the park is occupied, and many others. But, why do you need a gym? Workout at home - you can do freehand exercises, yoga, plank or go for a run, play some sport, but workout at least for 30 minutes in a day. It is very important to burn calories that sit up in your body. 

3.Eat your Breakfast

There are a few who skip their breakfast thinking it will help them lose weight. But, never do that. Truth be told, having a filling breakfast keeps you energized and healthy all through the day. Breakfast is basically breaking the fast after the night’s sleep. Your body needs fuel to run the day so make sure you give your body that fuel. 

Other than these three tips, another important tip is sleeping on time. Everyone’s body has a biological clock that it follows; messing that up will only lead to health crises. So, make sure that you sleep on time. 

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