Hair Loss Can Indicate Poor Nutrition or These Medical Conditions: 5 Hair Care Tips


Hair Loss Can Indicate Poor Nutrition or These Medical Conditions: 5 Hair Care Tips

Many of us fret at finding a few hair strands on the comb. In reality, we lose 50 to 100 hair every day - that is normal and may not be even noticeable – and new hairs keep replacing them. When this replacement does not happen, hair loss occurs. Ignoring unusual hair loss is not a good idea, and one should speak to a doctor as that could be a sign of some underlying health issue. We will discuss the various causes of hair loss, treatment options, and ways to prevent it.

Causes of Hair Loss

Thyroid Problem: Hair loss may occur due to thyroid disorder. Hypothyroidism is common, especially in women, a condition where the body produces inadequate thyroid hormone. The hormone is required for proper metabolism. 

Drastic Weight Loss: Unusual weight loss is one of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a condition when there is an excess of thyroid hormone. Often, extreme weight loss can be one of the reasons for hair loss.

Hereditary Factors: Hair loss can also be genetic, and may start at an age as early as 20s. Often, it happens as a person ages.

Iron Deficiency: Iron deficiency is a common problem in many Indian women. Besides fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms, one can also experience hair fall. 

Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes may result in temporary hair loss during pregnancy or menopause.

Medications: Treatment of certain illnesses, such as cancer, has been linked to hair loss. Heart problems, depression, arthritis, and hypertension are other illnesses where the medicines can have hair loss as a side effect.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: It is a medical condition in women caused due to hormonal imbalance. Some women may experience loss of hair on the scalp besides noticing facial hair growth. 

Poor Nutrition: Eating disorders or lack of protein in the diet are also among the common causes of hair loss in many people.

Treatment Options

Consulting a doctor or a dermatologist will help you identify the factor that caused the problem. Mostly, lifestyle changes would be enough, and if required, medications may be prescribed. In some cases, treatment of hair loss or baldness may need surgical procedures.

Tips for Prevention of Hair Loss

Tips for Hair Care: Sometimes, excessive hairstyling that puts pressure on the hair can be damaging. So, make sure not to pull or twist the hair. Keep a check on the styling products that often responsible for hair fall. Take the utmost care when combing wet hair as they can break off easily. Follow a routine for hair care that should include trimming your hair regularly. 

Well-balanced Diet: Eating a nutritious diet with good sources of protein is vital for hair growth. Besides, regularly consuming Vitamin C boosts the immune functions while enhancing the collagen levels essential for hair health.  

Yoga: It is one of the natural remedies for hair loss. Yoga helps stimulate blood circulation, stabilize the hormones, and aid in the digestion process to absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is beneficial for the re-growth of hair and preventing hair loss.

Good Sleep Routine: There are numerous benefits of getting restful sleep at night. Your body does a lot of work even while you are asleep, and that includes repairing damaged tissues. 

Head Massages: One of the tips for hair care at home is to go for regular oiling and message to nourish your scalp. The messaging will aid in enhancing blood flow to the scalp, thus preventing hair fall.


Hair is more crucial than just defining our outer appearance. Healthy diet and lifestyle habits can be pivotal in preventing hair loss. Any medical condition with symptoms of hair loss should be given medical attention. It is essential as ignoring medical care can lead to serious problems later on.

Going for health check-ups will help you detect any hidden medical condition, including thyroid disorder, at an early stage. Nowadays, alternative treatments are becoming popular for curing several medical conditions, including thyroid, hypertension and diabetes. Ironically, medical treatments are getting expensive owing to the rising healthcare costs in India. If you plan to secure your finances, choose health insurance by Care Health Insurance and get various benefits, including annual health check-ups and no claim bonus.

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