Going for Dialysis? Learn How to Choose Health Insurance to Manage Dialysis Cost


Going for Dialysis? Learn How to Choose Health Insurance to Manage Dialysis Cost

Your kidneys are excretory organs that do an exceptional job in your body. People who diagnosed with a complete loss of kidney function have usually undergone a procedure called Dialysis. It is a process that mechanically carries out the functions that were earlier performed by your kidneys with a filtration device and keep your fluid and electrolyte levels balanced. But do you have an idea of how much Dialysis cost you per session? 

The majority of patients are on thrice a week hemodialysis and three times a day peritoneal dialysis. Now you can calculate the cost of whole dialysis treatment. So, its always advisable to choose health insurance for kidney patients with dialysis cover.

There are several factors to consider if you want to opt for critical illness insurance for dialysis patients:

Types of Dialysis

The health insurance policy covers End-Stage Renal Failure and Kidney transplant. Before you make your choice understand the kinds of Dialysis, number of sessions, medicines, diet, etc. There are two types of hemodialysis (HD) and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). Peritoneal Dialysis is expensive because of the cost of the dialysate bags. However, most of the time, doctors suggest hemodialysis depends on the level of damage. So, choose the health insurance for kidney patients that should at least covers hemodialysis and all the related expenses. 

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Understand Dialysis Cost Structure

Dialysis's cost structure also plays a vital role while you are about to decide your health policy. It not just the cost of the dialysis machine, but the composition includes the cost of erythropoietin, medicines, monthly laboratory tests, hospitalization cost, and other petty expenses involved in the treatment. Therefore, your critical illness plan must include all such charges.

Availability of Network Hospitals

The next important thing you should know is the availability of network hospitals. If you are residing in a small city where such facilities are not available in the hospitals, you have to look for other options. Check the list of network hospitals, their locations, dialysis charges, specialty, and doctors' information. You can avail cashless claim facility only in the network hospitals. You should know the difference between network and non-network hospitals. Care Health Insurance has 22900+ cashless healthcare provides to be at your service in need.

Additional Benefits 

Look for the health insurance for kidney patients that offers additional benefits such as organ donors, ambulance cover, alternative treatments, second opinion, and annual health check-up. These benefits help you to reduce the cost of your entire treatment plan. 

Family Coverage

You should explore whether health insurance for dialysis patients offers spousal or family coverage. Ideal, critical illness plans provide coverage for a family, including dependent parents, spouses, and children. So, opt for the one that gives you the freedom to protect your family as well. 

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Dialysis is not just one-session treatment. It takes months to complete the prescribed cycles. If you are concerned about managing your dialysis costs, choose Critical Illness Mediclaim offered by Care Health Insurance. It is the best health insurance for kidney patients based on the indemnity clause and available for individual and family health. It covers hemodialysis, daycare treatments, organ donor, in-patient care, and a lot more. So, choose it now and afford your dialysis sessions worry-free. 

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Dialysis is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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