Give Your Newborn the Affordable Protection with Health Insurance Policy


give your newborn the affordable protection with health insurance policy

Parenthood is certainly a beautiful journey of life. The newborn's arrival brings excitement that knows no bounds. Simultaneously, it signals a sense of great responsibility for the parents. There are so many things that, as parents, they need to take care of – from making the house baby-friendly to giving the best care for healthy growth. Apart from this, parents must focus on their insurance needs and consider including the newborn baby in their family health insurance plans. This way, they can secure their child's health and access quality medical care without worrying.

Health Insurance with Coverage for Baby: Parents Should Know

Finding an individual health policy covering a baby from day one is difficult for parents. However, maternity plans offer coverage to the baby up to the first 90 days. Thus, they prove beneficial. However, after completing this period, parents can add their child under a regular health policy by paying an additional premium. Parents should be aware of the benefit of newborn baby health insurance and how it helps them stay relaxed about accessing the best medical care when needed.

The moment they decided to enter into parenthood, they should start looking for health plans. As there is no specific child plan, the best protection for a newborn baby is to include the baby in your regular health insurance. 

Why is Health Insurance with Newborn Cover Essential?

Nowadays, medical treatment results in enormous expenditures for a family, and the costs are continuing to rise. Keeping oneself secured financially with the help of a family health cover is a move in the right direction since medical emergencies can unexpectedly drain out our savings.

Children and newborn babies require the same protection as other family members. Thus, getting health insurance for children, including a newborn, is crucial, and it is possible by opting for the best family floater policy. This way, all the individuals of a family are covered under a single policy, and it ensures an affordable premium to a great extent. 

The Risks of not having Child Coverage after the first 90 Days of Birth?

Your bundle of joy brings lots of happiness and responsibilities. Health insurance with newborn cover is a big sigh of relief, but if you do not have it, unfortunately, you have to undergo financial stress for the below reasons:

  • Delivery can bring complications that may need immediate hospitalization. If you do not have health coverage for your newborn, you have to arrange money immediately that takes you under financial debts.
  • Postnatal expenses create a financial burden, and if they are not covered under the policy, it gets difficult for the new mother and her baby to get the proper healthcare.
  • Without health insurance coverage for the baby, you could end up with hefty medical bills that create financial pressure on your growing family. 
  • Without health insurance, your baby will not get the doctor's supervision, which is essential to recover faster after delivery complications. 

Addition of Health Insurance Policy with Newborn Baby Cover

Quality maternity care is vital for the mother and also for the baby. Hence, opting for a good maternity cover will ensure protection for your baby up to a specified number of days. As mentioned earlier, the newborn cover is a benefit available under maternity health plans. These plans cover a host of medical expenses, including the hospital and delivery costs. The policy also includes newborn baby cover for up to the first 90 days. You can add the baby under a regular family health cover such as ‘Care’ by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) if the age is 91 days or above. You can also include your newborn under the policy at the time of renewal.

Points to Consider When Opting for Medical Insurance for Your Child

If you are looking for the best child plan for a newborn baby, then opting for a family floater policy is a good idea and an affordable option. Here are some crucial points that you should consider when selecting a health cover for a newborn:

  • There may be a slight increase in the premium if you add a newborn to the plan. Yet, family floater policies have an affordable premium than individual health plans if we consider the coverage. 
  • Ensure you have the policy details and documents such as a birth certificate.
  • Consider upgrading your existing policy with a higher sum insured that will give you the right protection against healthcare expenses. 
  • For hassle-free claim settlement under the policy coverage, it is advisable to read the policy documents and know the terms and conditions, including exclusions, sub-limits, etc.

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Benefits of Health Insurance with New Born Baby Cover

Here are some of the prime reasons that make health insurance with newborn baby cover beneficial:

  • The health policy ensures financial security by providing comprehensive coverage for hospitalization-related and various medical expenses, such as pre-and-post hospitalization, ambulance, modern day care procedures, etc.
  • It offers an annual health check-up benefit that enables you to monitor your family’s health, including your newborn. 
  • You can get coverage for non-allopathic treatments, like AYUSH treatment, subject to policy terms and conditions.
  • The policy enables you to avail of the cashless hospitalization facility at 8350+ network hospitals empanelled with us, thus being stress-free about hospital bills. 
  • The health insurance with newborn baby cover rewards you for staying healthy by offering No Claim Bonus for each claim-free policy year.  
  • You can look forward to increasing your savings by claiming Section 80D deduction for the premium paid and availing of discounts with a multi-year policy.


The arrival of a newborn also means a rise in overall expenses. It also implies a greater need to focus on your family's health and well-being. Thus, comprehensive health insurance plans are the best safety cushion as they come with lots of benefits at an affordable price. You will also get newborn baby health insurance coverage in the same plan. Moreover, features such as annual health check-up and no claim bonus help secure your health in the best way possible.