Life Post Lockdown: 6 Tips you Should Follow to Stay Safe from Coronavirus


Life Post Lockdown: 6 Tips you Should Follow to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

Learn about the tips that you must follow to stay healthy amid the global pandemic

Have you imagined how would your life be once the lockdown ends? The coronavirus outbreak has been declared as a pandemic. The world has come to a stop. Malls, restaurants, and all schools will remain shut. Even corporates have given work from home option to the employees. Public transport will be functional; but, the services will not be the same as before. No car-pooling is allowed and people are expected to travel by their private vehicles. There are numerous speculations around the lockdown 5.0. But one thing is sure that if we will not take precautions, then we will be compromising on our health. Even if there is some relaxation from the lockdown, you still need to be cautious.   

We bring some of the helpful tips that you must follow to avoid the coronavirus even if the lockdown ends:

Greet people by folded hands: Social distancing has now become the new normal. But, if you will go out then you will meet people. Hence, the best way is to greet others by folded hands. After the outbreak, doing Namaste has become a popular way to greet others. Also, you can greet others by keeping the hand at your chest or give a warm smile. With this practice, you can stay away from the fear of getting the virus.

Wear a mask and use sanitizer: If the lockdown is over, it does not mean that the coronavirus has gone. This deadly virus cannot be erased until a vaccine is developed. Hence, it is advisable to wear masks whenever you step out and sanitize your hands. The coronavirus is there on knobs of the door and many other touch points. You can protect yourself by wearing masks and gloves. 

Work out at home: This is a hard time for all fitness freaks as they must be missing their work out sessions in the gym. But, gyms are not safe to go after the lockdown gets over. No matter how careful you are at the gym by wiping the equipment’s; but, you are not sure about others how mindful they are. So, the best practice is to work out at home or go for a walk. 

Avoid taking the elevators: Be sure not to go on overcrowded lifts as it is the place where you stand close to other people. Make sure to always sanitize your hands after using the lift or elevator. 

Do not be a part of social gatherings: Social distancing will be there for quite some time. Only a limited number of people are allowed to be a part of wedding functions. Diabetics, patients with hypertension, or anyone more than 60 years should not be a part of social gatherings.  

Do not dine out: Even if the restaurants and eating joints open, there will be a rule that only a certain number of people are allowed to dine at a time. Many people would be using the table and chair and you may not know who is infected with the virus as there are some asymptomatic carriers as well.

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Final Word

This global pandemic will not be over until there is a vaccine. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant for yourself and your family’s health. Apart from following these tips, you can secure your heath by getting a health insurance plan as it helps you in case of medical exigency.

Care Health Insurance offers several health insurance policies. You can opt for Care, Care Freedom, and Super Mediclaim that provides hospitalization expenses for coronavirus subject to policy terms and conditions. You need to stay prepared with measures to secure yourself against this deadly virus.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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