Fact Check: 5 Pregnancy Myths and Facts You Should be Aware of


Fact Check: 5 Pregnancy Myths and Facts You Should be Aware of

Pregnancy is a time when a woman needs the utmost care and attention. The joy accompanied by the growing belly knows no bounds. Health and safety become the only concern for the family members, and it is a pleasant thing to receive so much care and support from loved ones. There are restrictions at the same time on performing household chores and a greater need to follow precautions and avoid health risks. Mothers-to-be may also receive a lot of pregnancy advice from friends and relatives – some true and some pure pregnancy myths. For instance, in some cultures, buying and receiving gifts for the unborn baby is a no-no.

One myth says that a pregnant woman should not look at an ugly animal. There is another popular belief that looking at a lunar eclipse is a bad omen and leads to deformity in the child. However, a lunar eclipse is not harmful as a solar eclipse; and scientists have not found concrete proof. 

Staying away from myths and superstitions will give you peace of mind. We share some pregnancy myths and facts so that you can take those suggestions and advice with a pinch of salt.

Pregnancy Myths and Facts You Should be Aware of

Myth 1

A pregnant woman must eat for two

We have heard this from our mothers and grandmothers often. Although a pregnant woman should take a healthy pregnancy diet, eating in excess can also cause problems. Eating for two can be misleading, and it is one of the common food myths suggested for a pregnant woman. A woman must indeed increase her calorie intake and other supplements during pregnancy; however, it is best to consult a nutritionist or a doctor. 

Myth 2

A pregnant woman should avoid exercise

Yes, a pregnant woman should avoid exercise if the doctor says.  It may be true if a woman has a specific medical condition. However, all pregnant women should avoid exercise as it can harm the baby is a complete myth. Doing exercises during pregnancy is beneficial as that will increase a woman’s stamina and help her cope and prepares for the childbirth process. There are some safe pregnancy exercises women can do. 

Myth 3

Medical conditions like obesity and diabetes are linked to lifestyle only and not baby’s experience in the womb

Researchers opine that conditions in the womb can have a significant impact on the baby. Also, the lifestyle of a mother can influence the baby’s health. For instance, low birth weight can impact the functions of blood vessels later. Similarly, there are risks of obesity. In pregnant women gaining excess weight than what is recommended, the chances of having an overweight child also increase. 

Myth 4

Even a slight touch on the tummy can harm the baby

A pregnant woman does feel when the baby moves or kicks, and it is quite natural for her to touch or massage her belly and bond with the baby. One of the myths on pregnancy is that if a pregnant woman, even gently touching her belly, can harm the baby. In reality, the baby begins to sense touch and respond to familiar touch by the third trimester. 

Myth 5

Flights may increase the risk of complications

For some women with a medical condition, such as a cardiac problem, flying at altitudes may not be suitable. However, normal and healthy pregnant women can take a safe flight. Many people are also concerned about the radiation effect of security x-ray machines and body scanners at the airport. However, some experts say that the amount of radiation in such cases is extremely low and does not cause any harmful effects on the foetus.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. 

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