Effective Ways to Improve Your Bone Density


Effective Ways to Improve Your Bone Density

Bones are essential for a healthy life. They not only provide structure to your body but also help in mobility and protecting organs. Bone is a living tissue made up of minerals and the amount of minerals in your bones is your bone density. Bones gain density and mass by absorbing nutrients and minerals and high bone density means stronger bones. But as you grow old, bones stop gaining mass and start losing density which makes them weak and more prone to fractures.

When you start losing bone mass at a faster rate, it is called osteoporosis. However, with diet and exercise you can maintain good bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Here's a list of ways to increase bone density for those wondering ‘how can I improve my bone density’.

7 Proven Ways to Increase Bone Density

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain strong bones even when you grow old. To answer the question, ‘How can I increase my bone strength naturally?’ here is a list of proven ways to increase bone density without any medication.

1. Eat Calcium-rich Food

Bone cells break down and regrow every day.  Calcium is the primary mineral present in the bones giving it strength and structure. Hence, eating a calcium-rich diet throughout your growing years is crucial for your bone development because it makes your bones stronger with increased bone density.

Dairy products, green vegetables and seafood are good sources of calcium. Daily consuming calcium-rich food throughout the day is how I can increase my bone density without drugs.

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2. Get Sufficient Vitamin D and Vitamin K2

Vitamin D and vitamin K2 are essential for your bone health because vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium while vitamin K-2 helps in preventing calcium loss and aiding the binding of minerals to the bone. People deficient in vitamin D have low bone density and are at risk of getting osteoporosis in old age.

Sunlight, fatty fish and liver are good sources of vitamin D. Cheese, eggs, sauerkraut and natto (a soybean product) are a good source of vitamin K2. Consuming these food items to get enough vitamin D and K2, can help in protecting your bone health.

3. Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C present in vegetables protects bone cells from damage. In children, the nutrients absorbed from vegetables help in bone growth while in adults it helps in maintaining bone mass and bone density. Eating green and yellow vegetables improves bone mineralisation, especially in children. Cabbage and broccoli help prevent calcium loss in older women. Consuming these vegetables is how I can increase my bone density after 60.

4. Do Strength and Weight Training 

Strength training and weightlifting exercises help in preventing bone loss with age. It increases muscle mass, reduces inflammation, maintains bone strength and improves bone density. These exercises cause muscles to release calcium, magnesium and other minerals which strengthen the bones. 

5. Eat more Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Consuming protein in a good amount helps in maintaining bone health, especially in women after menopause. Eating the required amount of proteins daily is how I can increase my bone mass.

6. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Both being overweight or underweight is not good for your bone health. Overweight people are at higher risk of fractures as bones have additional stress. On the other hand, underweight people are prone to losing bone density. Hence, maintain a healthy weight for strong bones.

7. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Quit habits like smoking and drinking as both may lead to low bone density and cause osteoporosis. Eat good food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and zinc, which provides support to bone health in addition to calcium and vitamin D. Exercise regularly to maintain bone strength and flexibility.


Your habits play an important role in your overall well-being. For people thinking, ‘How I can increase my bone density fast’, there is no shortcut to good bone health. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and a nutritious balanced diet to achieve good bone health. As they say, prevention is better than cure, take good care of your body from a young age so that you can enjoy good health in old age.

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Q. How can I improve my osteopenia?

Osteopenia is a condition where bones start losing density faster than the normal rate. It is the common cause of osteoporosis. A good diet rich in calcium, vitamins and proteins along with exercises specifically performed to increase bone density can help improve osteopenia and prevent progression to osteoporosis.

Q. How can I increase my femoral neck bone density?

Squats, weight lifting aerobics, climbing stairs, walking, and gardening are the best exercises to improve femoral neck bone density and can help in preventing femoral neck osteoporosis.

Q. How can I increase bone density in my spine?

Consult a physiotherapist or a trained professional to learn exercises like neck press against resistance, strengthening extensor muscles, chest raise, tai chi exercises for balance and posture, standing alignment, etc.

Q. How I can increase my bone density after 70?

Walking, weightlifting and muscle-strengthening exercises are beneficial for improving bone density after 70. These exercises reduce the risk of falls and fractures and improve balance.

Q. How can I increase my bone density without medication?

Exercising and moving the body as per the body’s capacity along with a good diet is the best way how I can increase my bone density naturally.


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