Don't Miss Out on Your Health Insurance Renewal: Here's Why!


Don't Miss Out on Your Health Insurance Renewal: Here's Why!

In  Sep‘20, Mohan aged 70, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia- a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow with excess immature white blood cells. It progresses speedily with Myeloid cells interfering with the production of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. In this condition, one has to undergo numerous examinations that show the progress of cancer. The diagnosis came into the picture when he was rushed to the hospital for breathlessness, and hospitalised.

Everything went well until it was found that his health insurance had lapsed a few months ago.

End result is- Mohan’s claim got REJECTED!

Key Takeaway: Health Insurance RENEWAL is essential.

Here’s why!

Importance of Renewing Health Insurance

The ignorance of renewing the health insurance led to an immense financial burden on the family.

Lack of health insurance leads to troublesome times because no one is ever prepared to exhaust all their savings on the treatments. Therefore, health insurance is one of the indispensable investments that shouldn’t be ignored to save a few thousand every year. If you buy health insurance, always renew it before it lapses. Mohan had to be hospitalised innumerable times for transfusions and many other complications, but none of them was covered under his Health Insurance. Had Mohan and his family been aware of timely Health Insurance Renewal, they wouldn’t have had to overtire their savings and spend exorbitantly on his treatment. Unfortunately, he lost his life within 10 months of treatment due to the progressive cancer stage, and the family had barely any money left. 

Let’s know what all coverage benefits Mohan and his family had gotten if they had renewed his Health Cover timely.

Health Insurance Coverage Benefits 

In-patient Hospitalisation

In-patient care costs are incurred when you spend more than 24 hours in the hospital. To ensure you are covered, the policy covers your hospitalisation fees, nurse fees, ICU costs, doctor fees, and other needs.


The insurance provider will cover your medical expenses like doctor’s consultation, medical tests and medication up to 30 days before admission to a hospital.


The medical expenses like follow-up visits and medical tests are covered up to a period of 60 days immediately after discharge from the hospital

Ambulance Cover

All the minor, non-medical expenses, including the transportation charges, are covered to help you focus on a speedy recovery. 

Domiciliary Hospitalization

Older people might need home care, so the insurer pays for treatment at home according to the policy's terms & conditions. It covers the specified at-home treatment costs.

Daycare Treatments

Your insurer pays for the treatment at home in accordance with the terms and circumstances of the policy since older individuals may require home care. The costs of the selected at-home care are covered, subject to terms and conditions.

AYUSH Treatment 

A combination of conventional and modern therapy can sometimes lead to faster recovery. That's why AYUSH is also covered in most family floater policies.        

Annual Health Check-up

Insurers provide annual health check-ups for the insured member that would help track ailments before it gets uncontrollable. 

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It’s Your Turn Now!

The next victim could be you as well. Even if you are punctual enough to renew your health insurance policy, a conventional health cover may not offer enough protection when it comes to critical illnesses like cancer. Mohan and his family weren’t aware of the consequences of the disease and ended up exhausting their life’s long savings within a few months. However, the number of rising cases of fatal illnesses in India is ALARMING! 

Critical conditions including cancer, stroke, heart disease, and organ failure can quickly deplete your finances. Here comes Care Health Insurance’s Critical Illness Insurance to your rescue. The policy covers the treatment expenses incurred while hospitalised and ensures you get quality healthcare without draining your savings. Gift yourself and your loved one a safety cushion that will back you up as and when you need it the most.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned above is for reference purposes only. The benefits are subject to vary as per policy terms & conditions. Kindly refer to the policy fine print for more information.

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