Why Policy Renewal is as important as Buying a Health Insurance Policy?


Why Policy Renewal is as important as Buying a Health Insurance Policy?

Many people tend to take their health for granted unknowingly. However, this should not be the practice. One such measure we took was to opt for a health insurance plan. After opting for a health insurance plan, its renewal is important too. It is advisable not to take the risk of not renewing your insurance policy. Just like other insurance policies, the health insurance plan has to be renewed by the end of the policy tenure to get the most coverage. Just like health insurance policy can be bought online, similarly, policy renewal can be done online through the company’s official website. You can even visit the branch office for this process. Before opting for a health insurance plan, it is advised to analyze different policies and choose the one that serves your purpose. 

Reasons Why You Need to Renew the Health Insurance Policy

Sometimes individuals fail to renew their health insurance plan once the policy lapses. Policy renewal is equally important as purchasing it as one may not receive any benefits once the policy has lapsed. In case, an individual experiences any unfortunate event like any medical exigency, then he or she will not be able to claim any benefit. Not renewing the health insurance policy has various demerits.

Read on. 

Fails to achieve the desired result: If you fail to renew the policy on time, then it will not remain valid. If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, then you will have to bear the medical expenses.

The purpose of having health insurance policy is to safeguard your loved ones during a tough time. Renewing the policy helps you to secure yourself in case of a medical emergency. Hence, it is suggested not to overlook this feature.

Buying insurance involves a lot of costs: There are various aspects involved while assessing the premium. If you are young, you are at low risk and have to pay a low premium. Therefore, if you are not able to renew the policy you will then miss out on the benefit of low premium. 

Terms for Policy Renewal

  • The health insurance policy will be terminated when the term for policy ends. All the documents related to policy renewal should be submitted before the policy expires.
  • The premium that is payable on renewable is to be paid to the insurance provider in any situation before the grace period expires. The grace period is 30 days during which payment can be done to renew any policy without compromising the benefits. There will be no coverage available for which the premium is not received by the insurance company subject to policy terms and conditions.
  • The policy cannot be renewed in case of misinformation, fraud or non-cooperation.
  • No loading depending on a person’s claim experience applies to renewal premium payable.
  • One should be honest with the existing medical condition.
  • Make sure to check all the policy terms and conditions such as renewal clause, claim guidelines and exclusions. 


There is no other way to avail of the benefits of the policy instead to renew it on time. The insurance provider like Care Health Insurance expects from the customer to renew their policy before it gets lapsed. Instead of opting for another policy, you can renew the existing one. The renewal policy online can be done by visiting the official website of the company and click on the ‘Renew’ option. 

 Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.



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