Do You Know Health Insurance Covers These Advanced ENT Treatments Under Daycare?


Do You Know Health Insurance Covers These Advanced ENT Treatments Under Daycare?

Several diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and tongue destructively impact the lives of millions of people in India. However, the country is blessed with highly qualified and experienced ENT specialists, advanced diagnostic, medical, and surgical treatments for ENT problems. But, the costs of such ENT procedures are skyrocketing. Thankfully, Care Health Insurance covers these ENT treatments under daycare procedures in health policy. Some of them are as follows:


It is the surgery to remove the adenoids. These are the glands that are high up in the throat behind the nose and roof of the mouth. They are the part of the immune system that restricts germs in the nose before they cause any problem. But sometimes, these glands get swollen or enlarge, resulting in breathing and sleeping problems and pain. It can also block the eustachian tube, which connects the ears to the nose. Otolaryngologists initially try to treat the disorder with medications. However, if symptoms are still persistent, then they recommend adenoidectomy. During the surgery, the ENT doctor removes adenoid from the back of the throat using specialist instruments and a mirror without complications. 


The surgical removal of an infected part of the mastoid bone (the skull's prominent bone just behind the ear)is called a mastoidectomy. It is the only ENT treatment to cure mastoiditis if antibiotics do not work. The severity can affect the brain, cause meningitis, permanent hearing loss, chronic vertigo, or even facial paralysis. Under this ENT procedure, infected air cells within the mastoid bone are removed to curtail the spread of infection.  ENT specialists prefer this procedure to treat the disease effectively and quickly. It's a daycare procedure, after spending a few hours post-surgery, patients can go back to their homes.

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A palatoplasty is a surgical ENT treatment used to correct or reconstruct the palate (the roof of the mouth) with a cleft palate that is a notch or gap in the tissue that forms the lip. This surgery's primary purpose is to close the abnormal opening between the nose and mouth that helps the patient develop normal speech. It also helps in normal swallowing and breathing. The surgery takes about 2 to 3 hours. ENT Surgeons use general anesthesia for the surgery, and the patient's hemoglobin, body weight, urine albumin, and sugar must be adequate before the surgery. 

Balloon Sinuplasty

It is a catheter-based ENT treatment for severe sinusitis. Under this surgery,  ENT doctors insert the small thin tube with a balloon at the end in the nostrils to forcibly widen the blocked nasal passages. It helps the patients to breathe properly. It is a minimally invasive painless surgery with no cutting or loss of nasal tissues or bones. It has a fast recovery rate and a smooth daycare procedure. 


Otolaryngologists suggest thyroplasty to treat the vocal cord paralysis. Some common causes of vocal cord paralysis are surgical injury, larynx (voice box) cancer, lung cancer, viruses, strokes, neck trauma, thyroid cancer, etc. Under this ENT procedure, surgeons change the vocal cord's position to improve the voice and ability to cough. Doctors put the patient on general anesthesia and make a  small cut on the neck to identify the voice box. After that, they make a small hole in the voice box for the implant to move the vocal cord into the right position. 

Bottom Line

Advancement in medical science brings hopes and treatment for every ENT problem, and the right health insurance like Care- family health policy helps you to avail them. So, keep your senses healthy and live happily. 

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for daycare treatments is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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