Diabetes Care: Here are 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Sugar-Free Holi


Diabetes Care: Here are 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Sugar-Free Holi

Living with a chronic disease like diabetes needs good care. From karela juice to medicines, you have to follow a strict regime to maintain the body's glucose levels. But, when it's about celebrating a festival like Holi, it's difficult to resist. So, what to do? If you or any of your family members have that extra sugar in your blood with little more caution, you can also enjoy this festival of colors. Thus, considering the festivities, here are five simple ways people with diabetes can also celebrate sugar-free Holi this time: 

Switch to Sugar-Free: It's an alternate that helps you to enjoy those Holi delicacies. These days, you can get lots of sugar-free desserts in the market to choose from over regular sweets. Or you can use sugar-free if you are planning to make some Holi special sweets at your home.  It helps you lower your sugar intake for the day, and you can enjoy it worry-free. However, do not depend on sugar-free tabs. 

Opt for Baked Products: Instead of those fried papads, chat and namkeen prefer baked products. These products are not deep fry in the oil, so they have fewer calories. Try barbeque this time with tofu and veggie delights. It adds newness to that boring festival menu, and your family members will also appreciate your effort and keep you intact with your diabetes care routine. 

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Go for Fresh Juices: Say no to alcohol and thandai; these are not good for diabetes. You can sip mocktails that you can make with fresh water, juices, lemon, mint, and a pinch of black salt. It keeps you refresh during the daytime, and you don't feel that you are missing something. Coconut water and smoothies can add extra fun to it.  

Eat-in Small Portion: Do not break down on the Holi treat. Just check what all you can eat and if you really can't resist or do not want to go for sugar-free, then eat in the right proportion.  If you are a gujiya lover, then take only one to celebrate the festival. Same with other items, check the quantity and take only to taste, not to full your tummy. 

Corona Precautions: The spread of the virus is again at its peak, and people with diabetes are more prone to get infected. You have to be careful while celebrating Holi this year. It's better not to encourage any social gathering; wear a mask and sanitize your hands properly. Do not go out to play Holi and stay at home.


So, these are some easy ways that help you to celebrate safe and healthy Holi. However, one more important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family, that is opting for health insurance for diabetics. We know diabetes care includes a high cost. Doctor's consultation, medicines, hospitalization, etc., incur a financial burden. So, not to wait for any medical emergency that can happen anytime due to diabetes; get our Care Freedom policy today. It is a health insurance plan specifically designed for people who have diabetes. It comes with a waiting period, so it is wise to buy it in advance to enjoy every festival with your loved ones. Care Health Insurance wishes all a very Happy and Healthy Holi!

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