Debunk These Six Myths About Critical Illness Insurance


Debunk These Six Myths About Critical Illness Insurance

There has been a continuous increase in the cases of critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, and heart attack since the past few years. Nowadays, they have become the talk of the town. Do you know the treatment of such diseases needs long term medication, hospitalization, therapies, etc. that can give a big dent on your savings. Thus, it is vital to secure yourself with adequate critical illness insurance. It gives you coverage in case you or your family member gets diagnosed with any critical illness. But, people still get in a state of confusion and have several myths about it. 

Here you can debunk some of the common myths about critical illness health insurance plans.

Myth 1: I am still too young to buy a critical illness mediclaim policy.

Fact: One of the most common myths associated with critical illness mediclaim. Young people think that they are less prone to critical illnesses and do not need it. However, young age does not make one immune, and uncertain events can occur anytime. Therefore, whether young or old, having critical illness policy always a wiser decision. 

Myth 2: Premium for critical illness mediclaim is higher.

Fact: It is not so. People think that the premium of critical illness insurance policy is higher. However, young individuals can get it at a lower premium compared to the plans for older individuals. 

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Myth 3: Finding critical mediclaim insurance is very time-consuming.

Fact: No, with Care Health Insurance finding a critical insurance policy is a no more time-consuming task. You need to visit our official website, fill your details in the given form, and here you get your most suitable health insurance plan in minutes. It is an easy and fastest way to get yourself secure.

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Myth 4: Critical insurance policy is the same as a regular health insurance policy. 

Fact: A regular medical insurance policy gives you coverage against any medical emergency that occurs due to sickness. Whereas, a critical illness insurance plan provides you coverage for treatment and medication only for critical illnesses.

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Myth 5: Critical mediclaim policy offers coverage for all the known critical diseases.

Fact: Critical illness plans do not offer coverage for all the known critical diseases. However, we provide coverage for 32 critical illnesses, including some major life-threatening diseases like cancer, kidney failure, stroke, heart ailments, etc. 

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Myth 6: Investing in a critical illness policy does not provide a tax benefit.

Fact: It is a complete misconception. Premium paid for critical illness policy is also exempt from tax under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India 1961. Therefore, investing in health insurance is a win-win situation for you.


So, you should not depend solely on your corporate medical insurance. Whether you are a young spirit or a mature individual, having health insurance is always sensible. Thus, opt for our comprehensive critical illness insurance plan to stay protected. It is the best health insurance plan in today’s time. It not only covers your hospitalization expenses but also provides coverage for daycare treatment. However, you cannot avail of our critical mediclaim policy if you have pre-existing diseases. Therefore, do not keep yourself waiting for the time you diagnose with any life-threatening illness. Invest in right critical mediclaim now and secure your tomorrow. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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