Critical Illness Cover: All That You Need to Know


How Does a Mediclaim Policy Help You? 

Leading a peaceful and enriching life is the goal of most individuals. Good health of oneself and one’s family members is one of the requisites of a peaceful life, and rightly so. This is primarily because nobody wants themselves or their loved ones to suffer from any health-related issues, and in case something unfortunate occurs, planning to face the worst-case scenario is a wise choice. The most secure way to do so is by taking up a comprehensive Mediclaim policy that keeps you and your family members covered in case of any critical illnesses. Moreover, it not only offers financial assistance but also provides tax benefits for all policyholders. 

Critical Illnesses and Medical Events That Are Covered:

For all diseases covered under a Critical Mediclaim Policy for you and your family members, it is vital that the condition is first confirmed at the designated health center chosen by the policy providers. After this, the patient’s insurance claim can only be made if he/she is able to survive the pre-defined number of days (survival days) right after the diagnosis has been made. Serious health conditions such as cancer, end-stage renal failure, aplastic anemia, multiple sclerosis, heart valve replacement, stroke, and paralysis are covered under a comprehensive Mediclaim policy. Individuals who are suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s should also be able to make a claim, provided they are younger than 50 years.

Benefits of Having a Critical Illness Cover in a Mediclaim Policy:

  1. Cashless Treatment - One of the most important benefits of a critical illness policy is the instant treatment provided to the patient without any delays. This is basically done by the insurance company that makes payment of a lump-sum amount equal to the sum insured by the policyholder. By doing so, there is no need for making cash payments in an emergency. 
  1. Personal Accident Cover - In serious accidents, people tend to suffer from permanent damages that cannot be recovered. These include total loss of sight and complete loss of hands or feet, with or without physical separation. Hence, a Mediclaim policy ensures that a lump sum amount (equal to the sum insured) is paid within a year of the personal accident. 

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  1. Child Education - Another benefit that the children of a policyholder can avail is the provision for educational fee payment in situations when the parent suffers from a critical illness or personal accident. Out of the total lump-sum amount, ten percent is kept aside for the child’s education. 
  1. Second Opinion - A Mediclaim benefit that protects the medical interests of every policyholder is the feature of the second opinion. There are times when an individual might not be sure or confident about her/his diagnosis and wants to seek another doctor’s opinion. In such cases, this benefit can be easily utilized. 
  1. Annual Health Check-Up - A health check-up during the policy is provided at a network hospital or medical facility that is empanelled with the insurance company. As a feature, this is quite beneficial. 

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