8 Health Benefits of Ice Apple

8 Health Benefits of Ice Apple

Have you ever tantalised your taste buds with delicious and healthy ice apple fruit in your life? This powerhouse snack is particularly popular in the South region, known as ‘Nungu’ in Tamil and ‘Tadgola’ in Maharashtra. Bursting with flavours, ice apples provide a refreshing and hydrating experience, making them a perfect choice for a delicious and health-conscious snack. 

In the sweltering weather, when the dehydration in your body reaches its peak, you should add this seasonal and watery fruit to your must-have food list. Its high water element will certainly quench your thirst in no time. Read on to learn some interesting facts about this wobbly and translucent ice apple fruit, plus its health benefits. Scroll down to know what more this square-shaped ice apple fruit contains for you, along with its unique cooling properties. 

What is Ice Apple?

Ice apple fruit is most commonly known as the Tadgola in the local markets of Maharashtra. This is actually a tropical fruit of palm trees. Its brown outer shell resembles litchi, whereas its taste is slightly sweet just like coconut. The fruit is nestled within small pockets of the tough, eggplant-coloured shell of the Palmyra palm fruit. 

Wondering how to eat ice apple? To savour this scrumptious fruit, you need to peel its brown skin to extract its translucent and juicy internal shell.

It is believed that in the scorching heat, this low-calorie fruit aids in balancing electrolytes and prevents you from the risk of heat exhaustion. Furthermore, its slightly sweet pulp also possesses various natural nutrients vital for your overall well-being. 

This power-packed fruit gives you the goodness of vitamins C, K, and E, protein, iron,  carbohydrates, calcium, and phytonutrients. Moreover, it contains fibre that is effective in giving you instant relief in issues of the digestive tract system. So, you should relish the healthy delight of the ice apples every day. This further helps in keeping the seasonal diseases at bay as well. 

One of the best things about the ice apple fruit is that ice apple uses is safe for everyone and does not cause any allergic reactions. 

Know the Ice Apple Benefits  

Ice apple is considered low in calories, nutrient-rich, and a worthy addition to your daily diet for a myriad of reasons. Common ice apple benefits include: 

1. An Excellent Natural Coolant 

Ice apples, just like watermelons, boast a high water content, which makes them a highly preferred fruit during the scorching summers. They help balance the body’s electrolytes and save you from the risk of a heat stroke. This can be a valuable addition to your summer diet, helping you stay cool and hydrated.

2. Strengthens the Immune System

Rich in multiple nutrients such as calcium, carbohydrates, protein, iron, and vitamins, this sweet jelly fruit promotes the immunity system. A strong immune system is crucial for warding off diseases, and the local ice apple proves to be very effective in enhancing immunity.

3. Improves the Digestive System

Thanks to its high-fibre element, ice apple fruit is good for improving the digestive system. So, if you are facing issues like bloating, nausea, hyperacidity, and constipation, you should surely include ice apples in your diet. This seasonal fruit will help improve your digestive system. 

4. Works as an Anti-ageing Agent

The antioxidant properties of the ice apple are considered effective in minimising the likelihood of premature ageing. If you want to avail of ice apple benefits for skin, you should include ice apples in your diet. 

5. Helps in Weight Management

Including ice apples in your diet can aid in weight management. Even a few pieces of this fruit makes you satisfied and full, curbing the tendency to overeat. Most importantly, you will feel refreshed and energetic for the whole day. Enjoying ice apples becomes a wholesome strategy for weight control, promoting a sense of fullness while contributing to your overall well-being.

6. Helps to Cure many Skin Issues

The jelly pulp of ice apples proves beneficial in treating various skin problems, especially during the summer season. If you're dealing with rashes or other skin allergies due to the harsh summer conditions, applying the pulp can provide instant relief. The soothing properties of the pulp can help alleviate discomfort and contribute to calming irritated skin.  

7. Good for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers

Ice apple is said to be the powerhouse of essential nutrients. This makes them an ideal choice for pregnant women as well as lactating mothers. Packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals, this fruit can be an important dietary addition during both pregnancy and breastfeeding, supporting the health and well-being of both the mother and the child.

8. Improves Liver Health

Since the ice apple is rich in potassium, it aids in improving liver health. You should eat it in the summer season if you are suffering from liver abnormalities. The potassium in ice apples is believed to support the healing process, potentially aiding in the faster recovery of the liver. Enjoy the benefits of ice apples to promote liver health and overall well-being. 

Stay Health with Ice Apple and Save More!

Make sure to enjoy the benefits of ice apple in the ice apple season. This is a nutritionally dense fruit, rich in multiple vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, carbohydrates, and other minerals. It is believed that ice apples do not cause any allergy to the body, so you should be able to add them to your and your children’s diet.  

Not to forget by keeping yourself healthy you can enjoy amazing benefits from your health insurer as well. 


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