7 Myths and Facts about Breast Cancer


7 Myths and Facts about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Myths vs Truth

A woman’s life is always full of challenges. Her health often takes a backseat while fulfilling duties as a mother, wife, sister, or daughter. Yet, illness cannot shake her courage. For this undaunted spirit, she deserves all the care and support.

Breast cancer is among the biggest health risks in Indian women. It is a commonly occurring type of cancer in women. Nearly 2,000 new cases occur every day. Lack of awareness and delayed diagnosis are major obstacles in ensuring timely treatment.

Hence, there is a greater need for breast cancer awareness, mainly because early detection makes it possible to treat the disease before complications arise. Moreover, one cannot neglect the significance of health insurance for cancer. Although medical science has advanced, expensive treatment costs and medical inflation create a massive roadblock to one’s financial security. So, getting health cover and going for timely check-ups will eliminate the chances of delayed treatment or lack of access to cancer care due to high costs.

Furthermore, with so much information on the internet, several misconceptions about breast cancer are doing the rounds, thus creating panic and confusion.

There is always a stark difference between myths and facts. Thus, discuss and dispel some common myths about breast cancer:

Myth 1: Breast Cancer occurs only if there is a Family Medical History

Truth: It is one of the common myths about breast cancer. Although heredity is a cause of breast cancer in women, that is not the only factor. Studies prove that most of the women who get breast cancer do not have any family history.

Myth 2: Injury to the Breasts can cause Cancer

Truth: So far, no proper evidence that confirms whether an injury to the breast can lead to cancer. However, an injury may result in the formation of a non-cancerous lump.

Myth 3: Only Older Women are prone to Breast Cancer

Truth: Thinking breast cancer can occur in older women only is among the biggest breast cancer myths. Though the risks increase in a woman after menopause, that does not mean younger women are not susceptible to the disease. Unfortunately, the majority of Indian women who suffer from breast cancer are below the age of 50.

Myth 4: Breast Cancer cannot occur in Men

Truth: Breast tissues are present in males too. Thinking that men do not have any risk of breast cancer is a misconception. Although it is rare, breast cancer in men can occur due to certain medicines or abnormal hormones.

Myth 5: Lumps in the Breast is always a sign of Breast Cancer

Truth: Self-examination can help detect the presence of lumps in breasts which can be a sign of cancer. However, not all lumps are cancerous. They may occur due to other benign conditions or cysts. In any case, seeking the help of a doctor is advisable. One should also look for other warning signs such as swelling, pain, etc.

Myth 6: Any Pain in the Breast is a symptom of Breast Cancer

Truth: Pain in the breast may or may not be a sign of breast cancer. It can be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome and may disappear after menstruation.

Myth 7: Mammography is Painful and Unsafe

Truth: Mammography is a safe procedure that is carried out for the detection of breast cancer wherein the patient is exposed to a low amount of radiation. However, there could be some pain and discomfort, but it is not harmful.


Proper awareness about the disease is of utmost importance, thus ensuring you get medical attention at the right time. Having an awareness will also involve knowing the various types of breast cancer and how they occur, and also:

  • Understanding the risk factors, such as age, family medical history, radiation exposure, excess alcohol intake, etc.
  • Besides, females are more at risk of breast cancer than men; however, breast cancer in men can also occur due to certain factors.
  • Understanding the symptoms of breast cancer
  • Following a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of breast cancer

Leading a healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in lowering the risks of breast cancer. Young mothers must ensure regular breastfeeding to reduce cancer risks. Besides, self-examination and timely screening go a long way in detecting early signs of the disease and saving many lives.

Opting for cancer insurance is also suggested for people in order to deal with expensive medical treatment. A health cover is an ideal way to deal with the uncertainties of life. A cancer insurance plan will offer coverage for treatment expenses, thus ensuring the financial stability for an individual and their families in the most trying times. It will cover hospitalization expenses and other medical expenses, like pre-and-post-hospitalization costs, ambulance cover, etc. Besides, the facility of cashless medical treatment will eliminate any hassle when accessing timely treatment. Additionally, the feature of no claim bonus will provide a sufficient financial cushion for a family against any medical emergency.

Therefore, choose to stay financially secure with a Cancer Mediclaim policy by Care Health Insurance that will cover your cancer treatment costs. Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for breast cancer is subject to policy terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for breast cancer is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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