6 Reasons Why Bike Riding is an Amazing Workout


6 Reasons Why Bike Riding is an Amazing Workout

After vaccination and COVID-19 protocols, life is getting back on track. But, in lockdown, when people enjoyed their cooking skills and ate non-stop, weight gain is the aftereffect they face now.  So, if you are also one of them and want to shed those extra kilos but are not a gym person, try bicycle exercise. It is one of the amazing outdoor activities that help you to back in shape and grow your muscles strong. Even Bollywood celebrities also prefer bike riding to stay fit. Find out why it is a fantastic exercise:

Excellent Cardio Workout: Cycling requires the engagement of large muscle groups in your legs and makes your heart pump well. It is an excellent cardio workout equivalent to a treadmill or Zumba. It improves your heart rate and blood pressure and helps you to sweat.  It enhances your endurance and fitness. Also, you can scale its level up or down as per your ease. 

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Strength Building: Bike riding is very helpful in strength building. Your legs, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings get stronger with cycling. If you are a fan of those flat abs, bicycling can help when you engage your core.

Low Impact Activity: Cycling is one of the low-impact outdoor activities, compared to jogging or aerobics. It builds strength around the knees and is gentle on your joints. If you have joint pain, you can choose a lightweight bicycle. 

Burnt Calories: According to Harvard Health, a 185-pound person will burn 420 calories in 30 minutes of vigorous bicycling (14-15.9 mph). It is an effective and fun workout to burn calories and reduce weight. 

Stress Reliever: Whenever you feel stressed, take out your bicycle and go for a ride. Being outdoors and having fresh air gives you relief. The best time for riding is sunrise and sunset, which gives you a peaceful way to start or close your day. 

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Enhance Overall Well-Being: Physical activity builds your muscles strong, improves blood circulation, and keeps your body healthy. A healthy mind and a healthy body enhance your overall well-being and make you cheerful. 

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Safety First

You don't need to be an athlete for riding a bike. All you need to take care of your safety, and there you go. Below are some quick safety tips that help you while cycling:

  • Always take cycle track to avoid any mishap due to traffic 
  • Seek out routes where you find less mobility of heavy vehicles 
  • Use lights, mirrors and cycle bells and also wear bright clothes
  • Wear a helmet, knee protector and use a phone stand
  • Follow traffic rules and lights
  • Choose the best exercise bike for ease
  • Avoid cycling on rocks, grass, or debris if you are not an expert


Cycling is fun! It is for all shapes and sizes; you can choose your own way to enjoy it. Moreover, opting for a Care Health Insurance policy is one more thing you can do to stay protected from any medical emergency. It covers your hospitalization expenses and gives you access to the best healthcare facilities whenever required. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. 

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