6 Habits that are Bad for your Heart


6 Habits that are Bad for your Heart

Every second in a day, the heart works hard by pumping blood throughout the body. It is pumping while you are sleeping, as you are thinking about your next meeting, even while reading this on the screen. The heart is an important organ for your survival-but it is advised not to take this organ for granted. There are several activities that you may not pay attention to but they can harmful for your heart health. 

By avoiding bad habits and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle-you can control the risk of heart disease. Mentioned below are certain habits that are harmful for your heart and you must not follow:

1.Eating Unhealthy Food: As per the research, the heart disorders are the effect of your eating habits. Eating a lot of meat, snacks and too much of alcohol is bad for the health of the heart. The diet you are taking affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. By taking a close look at what you are eating and in what amount impacts your various heart functions.  Even if you are eating out, make sure whatever you eat it should be in moderation.

2.Sitting too much: People who tend to sit for long hours are prone to heart disorders. If you are in a job where you have to sit for long hours, make sure to take a 10 minutes break and go for a walk every hour.

3.Taking a lot of stress: Taking stress prompts the body to release adrenaline that affects various functions of the body. It increases your heart rate and affects your blood pressure. Gradually, it can even destroy blood vessels that may lead to a heart attack or stroke. There are numerous ways with the help of which you can reduce stress. You can follow a routine to balance your mental health, exercise regularly and share your thoughts with your friends.

4.Lack of sleep: The heart works hard through the entire day and if you are not taking quality sleep, your cardiovascular system will not get rest. Your heart rate and blood pressure get low in the first stage of sleep and then it takes rise and falls in response to the dreams in the staging phase. These transitions throughout the night improve cardiovascular health.

5.Smoking: Every time you smoke a cigarette, you are inhaling chemicals in your body. Smoking tobacco increases the quantity of carbon monoxide in the blood which lowers the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells that are harmful to your heart.

Not only cigarettes, but the usage of e-cigarettes is also equally harmful as you are exposed to nicotine, metals and other chemicals. The only solution to this is to quit smoking completely for the health of your heart.

6.Living an inactive lifestyle: Even if you do not have enough time, it is advised to take out some time and focus on your routine. Doing regular exercise is an ideal way to stay healthy. You can even go for a walk with your friends or take your pet for a walk. Join sports classes or gymnasium to stay fit.

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Be mindful and stay healthy. 

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