5 Tips to Improve Senior Citizen Quality of Life during Corona Lockdown


5 tips to improve senior citizen quality of life during corona lockdown

Quality of life is important for senior citizen, especially who are dealing with chronic health problems. Corona outbreak has shaken the whole world. However, the consequences brought many families together. Generally young people remain busy in their daily chores they go to office, come late in the nights and live in their own space. But, COVID-19 lockdown gives opportunity to young generation to spend time with their elderly parents or grandparents. Experts say that older people are more vulnerable to get infected from novel coronavirus because they have weak immune system. Your conservation with them can reduce their stress of deadly virus.

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In fact, your positive view of life can fill more energy, reduce their stress, increase their appetite, and stop cognitive decline.

Here we have five ways to improve senior citizens quality of life during corona lockdown.

1. Chat with Them

Instead of chatting online with friends, it’s good to chat, offline with your elderly parents or grandparents. Help them to understand what COVID-19 virus is, how its spread, what are its symptoms, and what are the preventions and what are the lockdown protocols for lockdown. This healthy conversation wipes their doubts and makes them understand how to keep away from virus.

2. Do Indoor Activities

You should plan some day to day indoor activities for them. Do gardening, storytelling, plan a movie break, cook for them or reminisce past history, give them vegetable chopping chores, etc. In this way you keep them occupied, so that they do not think unnecessary about the calamity. Make them active during lockdown even, can also help them to reduce their stress.

3. Doctor Consultation

If, their regular check-up is due then, take an audio or video call with their doctor, instead of visiting to the clinic during lockdown. You can tell doctor if they are facing any health issue or even mild cold and cough. Ask for the medication and diet that they can take to prevent any kind infection. If suggested by doctor, then only take them for further diagnosis.

4. Buy Senior Citizen Health Insurance

One effective way to give your seniors a good and healthy life is senior citizen health insurance. It covers all the pre and post hospitalization expenses and treatment cost during any medical emergency. Health insurance plan for senior citizen like ‘Care Senior’ offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) is helpful to give them complete protection and the best health care even in corona crisis.

5. Boost Immunity

You can contact to dietician available over the call through different app and get the right diet chart for them. The health diet that include lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds, juices, vitamin C and D, calcium, protein, etc. that re-build their immune system and develop their immune system so that they can protect themselves from getting infected.

Depression and stress late in life can affect elderly people, where corona outbreak is getting its hike improved quality of life is helpful for them. When you care for older family members, you make them feel like you still need them in your life, and they are not a burden. So, follow these ways and help them to come out from corona fear.