3 Important Facts about Brain Tumour: The Need for Critical Illness Cover


3 Important Facts about Brain Tumour: The Need for Critical Illness Cover

The brain is a vital and complex organ in the body. Our overall health and survival depend on the proper functioning of this organ. Brain disorders are medical conditions which affect brain health and may occur due to an illness, injury or genetic reasons. A brain tumour is a serious condition where there is a growth of abnormal cells in the brain. It can have fatal consequences. Thanks to the availability of advanced medical facilities and qualified medical professionals in India, treatment of brain tumour is possible. However, treatment costs are quite high. Without proper financial assistance, a family may have to face the burden of high medical expenses.

Treatment of critical illness, particularly a neurological problem, usually is long term; hence, one should realise the importance of having a critical illness cover which is essential for a family’s financial stability.

The World Brain Tumour Day is observed on 8th June every year that helps in spreading awareness about this dangerous medical condition.

Here are some important facts about brain tumour

1. Types of Brain Tumour 

There are several types of brain tumours. They are also classified as cancerous and non-cancerous. Malignant (cancerous) tumours are primary brain tumours which originate in the brain and can spread at a fast rate to surrounding areas in the brain and the central nervous system. On the other hand, benign (non- cancerous) tumours are those tumours in the brain and have distinct boundaries. Thus, their removal through surgery is easy. Their possibility of reappearing is quite less, compared to cancerous tumours.

2. Causes and Symptoms of Brain Tumour

The causes of brain cancer are not known. However, some experts talk about genetic factors as one of the reasons for a brain tumour. Besides, age and exposure to radiation can be risk factors.

Moreover, there are no typical brain tumour symptoms. The symptoms may differ based on its size, location and rate at which it grows. Generally, the signs of this disease include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Seizures
  • Hearing, speech or vision problems
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Problems with movement or balance
  • Concentration problems

3. Treatment Methods for Brain Tumour

The medical tests such as a CT Scan or MRI help detect brain tumour, besides a physical, neurological examination. A doctor may recommend the treatment after studying the patient’s medical condition and other factors such as age and health in general. Brain tumour treatment includes the following:

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy  
  • Anti-seizure medications

Why Do You Need a Critical Illness Cover?

We all aim to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, life may sometimes throw unexpected challenges, so, it is wise to have a plan to tackle uncertainties like a chronic illness. Medical advancements have made treatment possible even for life-threatening diseases. Early detection and support of a health cover can be pivotal in ensuring a stress-free life ahead.

When it is about dealing with a critical illness like a brain tumour, there is a greater need for getting the best healthcare at the best hospital. If the treatment is long-term, it can involve a lot of expenditures. The surgery for a brain tumour may cost lakh of rupees.

Opting for a critical illness policy will ensure easy access to the best medical care facility in the hour of need. It will cover expenses such as hospital bills as well as medical expenses incurred during pre and post hospitalisation period.

Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance and select a critical illness insurance plan. You can customise your policy by opting for the sum insured that is suitable for your needs. Also, cashless medical treatment facility is available at over 9400+ network hospitals.

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Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Brain Tumor is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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