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Care Heart Mediclaim

Care Heart Mediclaim - medical insurance that offers protection against 16 common heart conditions and procedures. This plan offers individual coverage and a lifelong renewability option.

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    Reasons to Choose Care Health Insurance?

    • Healthcare Networks
      20800+ Cashless Healthcare Providers^^
    • Claim settled ratio
      95.2%Insurance claim Settlement Ratio#
    • Claim settled
      30 Lacs+Claims Settled*

    What is Care Heart Mediclaim?

    Care Heart Mediclaim is a comprehensive heart care plan programme that pays for inpatient costs related to heart conditions so that you recover quickly.

    The essential body part that continuously operates for you is your heart. A healthy heart beats approximately 115,000 times each day and pumps approximately 2,000 litres of blood. It supplies all other body parts with blood and oxygen. Your heart's health is, therefore, of the highest importance. Our Care Heart Mediclaim was created exclusively to cover heart conditions. The policy exclusively covers 16 common cardiac conditions. It is easily available with an EMI option as well.

    Cover Highlights

    Health Check-Up

    Cardiac Health

    Robotic surgery

    Robotic/Radio Surgeries


    Automatic Recharge


    2 Years
    Waiting Period
    for PEDs


    Life-long Renewability

    Features of Care Heart Mediclaim

    See all Sum Insured Options arrow close

    Sum Insured Options 10 Lakh | 25 Lakh | 50 Lakh | 1 Crore | 2 Crore.
    Covered Conditions 16 Specified Heart Related Ailments.
    In-Patient Hospitalization
    If you are admitted to a hospital for in-patient care, for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours, we cover for your treatment expenses - right from room charges, nursing expenses and intensive care unit charges to surgeon's fee, doctor's fee, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, etc.
    Up to Sum Insured
    Day Care Treatment
    We cover medical expenses if you undergo a day care treatment which might not require you to stay hospitalized for 24 hours or more.
    Plan specific, Up to Sum Insured
    Pre Hospitalisation
    We cover the relevant medical expenses such as doctor consultation, Diagnostic tests, medications incurred up to 30 days before your hospitalization.
    30 Days
    Post Hospitalisation
    We cover the relevant medical expenses such as doctor consultation, Diagnostic tests, medications incurred up to 60 days post your hospitalization.
    60 Days.
    Ambulance Cover
    In an emergency, we reimburse expenses incurred by you for availing a domestic road ambulance during your hospitalization.
    Up to Rs. 3000 per Hospitalisation
    Organ Donor Cover
    We reimburse you the medical expenses that are incurred by an organ donor while undergoing the organ transplant surgery.
    Up to SI or 15 Lakh, Whichever is Lower.
    Alternative Treatments
    Covers Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment
    Up to 25% Sum Insured.
    Second Opinion
    If you feel uncertain about your diagnosis, you can opt for a second opinion, arranged by us.
    Once Per Covered Condition Per Policy Year
    Annual Health Check-up
    Annual health check-up for insured member.
    Annual from 2nd Policy Year on Continuous Coverage.
    No Claims Bonus(NCB)* 50% / 25% / 25%-Corresponding Increase in SI for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Continuous Claim-Free Policy Years Respectively, Max up to 100% of SI.
    Health Services
    Quick Recovery Counseling
    Psychologist Counseling Expenses Covered
    Up to Rs. 1000/- Per Session; Maximum 8 Per Policy Year (Twice a Month).
    Doctor on Call
    Consult doctors on a call
    Available (Telephonic/Online Mode).
    Global Coverage
    Avail Hospitalization expenses outside India with a mandatory co-payment of 10 % per claim.
    Up to SI; only for SI >=1Cr (Limited to In-Patient Care and Day-Care treatment) with a Co-payment of 10% per Claim
    OPD Expenses 1% of Sum Insured; Max. up to Rs. 25000/-
    International Second Opinion# Once Per Covered Condition Per Policy Year.
    Air Ambulance# Up to Rs. 5 Lakhs.
    Room Rent Eligibility Single Pvt. Room / No Limit^.
    ICU Charges No Limit.
    Initial Waiting Period 90 days.
    Specific Ailment Waiting Period Not Applicable.
    PED Waiting Period 4 Years.

    *50%/25%-Corresponding decrease in SI per policy year in case a claim has been paid; Such decrease is only in SI accrued as NCB.

    *Optional Benefit

    *with optional benefit Room Rent Modification.

    Note: Other SI / Age band options are also available.

    Plan Highlights of Care Heart Mediclaim


    Download the Brochure for Heart Mediclaim Complete Plan Details

    Download Heart Mediclaim complete plan details

    Read Through it!
    Get Complete Policy Details in the Brochure With Our Expert Assistance!

    Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

    • Minimum Entry Age :

      • Child: 91 days to 5 years with at least 1 member of age 18 years or above is covered or 5 years on an individual basis.

      • Adult: 18 years and above

    • Maximum Entry Age: 50 Years

    • Exit Age: No Exit Age

    • Age of Proposer(Adult): 18 years or above

    • Coverage: Individual basis (maximum up to 6 persons having same/different sum insured)

    Download Terms & Conditions
    • Act of self-infliction, including suicide attempts or actual suicide.

    • Any illness directly linked to the use of tobacco, alcohol, or cigarettes, etc. any other sexually transmitted illness, such as HIV/AIDS.

    • Cosmetic or plastic procedures, or similar therapies.

    • Abortion, motherhood, childbirth, miscarriage, or complications of any of these, including C-section delivery.

    • All the medical interventions necessary as a result of engaging in risky activities.

    • Injuries causing by nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or attacks.

    • Illness or injuries brought on by the insured's violation of any law.

    For more detail Kindly read T & C of the policy

    To file claims for Care Heart Mediclaim Plan, follow the steps below:

    STEP 1


    Intimate within 24 hours of your hospitalization

    Planned Hospitalization

    Intimate us 48 hours prior to your hospitalization

    STEP 2


    Request for pre-authorization


    Claim from submission

    Complete the pre-authorization form available
    at the hospitals insurance/TPA Desk and send us through fax.



    Approval letter sent by the claim management team



    Hospital/Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team



    You may initiate the treatment and file for reimbursement claim

    Submission of claim form along with required
    documents, as per the policy terms & conditions



    Approval letter sent by the claim management team



    Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team



    We will communicate the reason in case of rejection

    20800+ Health Care Providers Serving Cashless Medical Services Across The Globe

    Look for hospitals around you

    Detailed Hospital List
    20800+ Health Care Providers Across The Globe

    20800+ Cashless Providers

    20800+ Health Care Providers Across The Globe

    Voice of Our Customer

    Soni Singh

    review Cancer insurance plan from Care health insurance worked wonders for us. I bought it for myself because of my family history with this disease. Glad that I could afford the best treatment under this plan!

    Smita Reddy

    review Care health insurance has been my go-to insurance partner. Its cancer insurance policy is like made for us. Got help with its pre- and post-hospitalization expense cover when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.

    Ronak Ahuja

    review I bought a Care health insurance cancer insurance plan for my father. When he was diagnosed with cancer at the initial stage, we could get the best treatment without worrying about the cost. Highly recommend it to others.

    Anubhav Das

    review Getting diagnosed with cancer was a shock for me. It is where the Care health insurance Cancer insurance plan acted as a life saviour, with its chemotherapy cover. All thanks to their team for helping me live again!

    Madhav Singh

    review Care health insurance Cancer Insurance plan is a must-have in these times when cancer risk is high. I am glad I bought it timely at a reasonable premium. Impressed by their quick claim settlement process!
    Ankita Sharma

    My appreciation for your prompt service

    At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt service in taking up the case regarding my claim. I have received timely intimation regarding the acceptance of my claim amount settled by you.

    Ankita Sharma

    Health Insurance

    Indubala Nambiar

    We will continue to avail of your scheme

    Thank you for settling the claim amount. It helped me a lot during my tough time. The process is smooth and hassle-free. I will continue with Care Health Insurance and recommend it to my friends as well.

    Indubala Nambiar

    Health Insurance

    Vikas Singh

    Everything went very smooth

    I would like to pass on my appreciation for Virender, who guided me during the difficult time. He helped me at every stage and didn't keep me waiting. Due to his efforts, I was relaxed and everything went very smooth.

    Vikas Singh

    Health Insurance

    Sahil Khattar

    Really helpful explaining the process in advance

    I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional response from you on the recent cashless hospitalization request related to my mother's operation. You were really helpful throughout.

    Sahil Khattar

    Health Insurance

    Aditya Sharma

    Finalising my claim in a short period

    I must express my profound appreciation for finalising my claim in a short period. I have heard of insurance companies holding payment or rejecting it outright on very flimsy grounds was not the case with Care health insurance, May your tribe grow more

    Aditya Sharma

    Health Insurance

    Selecting a family health insurance plan might be difficult considering the variety of insurers on the market that provide similar coverage. Simply selecting the coverage with the lowest premium is not a prudent move. You must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various insurance products. One of the well-known health insurers that have been supporting this sector for a long time is Care Health Insurance. The insurers health insurance plans are created with the needs of its clients in mind. With CHI, you have a clear choice between a variety of benefits that will give you the most comprehensive coverage possible. 20800+ cashless healthcare providers, a 95.2% CSR ratio, and more than 30 lakh claims paid to date make up a sizable portion of the healthcare system.

    Care Health Insurance

    Awarded as Claims
    Leader of the year

    Care Health Insurance

    30 Lakh + Claims Settled^^

    Care Health Insurance

    Cashless claim processing
    in approx. 2 hours

    ^^number of claims settled as on February, 2022

    FAQs on Care Heart Mediclaim


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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.Does the Sum Insured For My Cancer Insurance Plan Increase If I Don’t Claim It?

    Yes, indeed. We reward policyholders with a No Claim Bonus (NCB) if they do not file a claim in a policy year under their cancer cover health insurance plan. The amount insured is increased by a specified percentage for each completed and continuous policy year under this benefit. Please see the terms and conditions of the cancer insurance policy to know more.

    Q. What Is the Payout Option Available Under This Cancer Mediclaim Policy?

    Our cancer care coverage is an indemnity-based health plan. We will cover the actual medical costs you incur during your cancer care within the policy period on a reimbursement or cashless basis, subject to policy terms and conditions.

    Q. Is There A Limit to the Sum Insured I Can Choose For Cancer Insurance Plans In India?

    Our cancer cover health insurance plan offers sum insured options ranging from Rs 1o lakh to Rs 2 crore. Given the potential cost of cancer care, we recommend opting for a higher amount insured. In addition to the coverage, the package also includes extra benefits such as unlimited automatic recharge, air ambulance coverage, and room rent modification at an additional premium, thus enhancing your health coverage.

    Q. When Do I Get the Reimbursement For the Medical Bills With The Cancer Cover Plan?

    The policyholder must contact us within the specified time and submit the claim form and requisite documentation for a hassle-free *claim settlement under the cancer cover policy.

    We will settle the claim (or deny the claim, as the case may be) for the cancer cover insurance within 30 days of receiving all relevant documentation or details for claim settlement after verification by our claim management team. We will reimburse the medical expenses as per the policy terms and conditions within seven days after the policyholder accepts the offer of claim settlement. Please see the policy document for more information.

    Q. Do I Need to Get A Medical Check-Up Before I Buy Health Insurance For Cancer Survivors?

    You do not need to get a pre-policy medical check-up before buying cancer insurance cover necessarily. However, depending on your profile, it may be up to the discretion of the underwriter to ask for a health check-up to determine your risk.

    Q. Are There Any Tax Benefits Associated With Cancer Coverage?

    According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, an individual who purchases cancer mediclaim is entitled to receive an income tax deduction on the premium charged for it. These tax advantages are subject to changes in the tax laws in India.

    Q. If I Have an Existing Health Plan, Do I Need Medical Insurance For Cancer Survivors?

    Opting for the best cancer protection plan will assist you by covering a wide range of cancer treatment expenses. However, such plans are not available for cancer survivors. A standalone cancer cover scores over existing health insurance plans with cancer cover. Thus, you should invest in this plan and be worry-free.

    Q. What Should I Do to Decide The Adequate Cancer Cover?

    When choosing the best cancer care policy, you should choose a sum insured that is large enough to cover the different medical expenses you will face in the future. It will cover hospital costs, medical tests, and medicines, among other things. Apart from the coverage level, other considerations include the waiting time, chemotherapy/radiotherapy coverage, organ donation coverage, alternative care, and so on.

    Q. Is There a Recommended Amount for the Cancer Cover?

    Treating a critical illness like cancer can cost a lot of money. As medical costs in India continue to rise, current health policies will become insufficient in the future. As a result, choosing a policy with a large sum insured is advisable.

    A high cancer treatment insurance coverage is even more important in light of medical inflation and related costs, which are not just limited to hospitalization. Therefore, depending on the current medical condition and health risks, we always suggest purchasing a policy with a higher sum insured.

    Q.Can I Get An Insurance Policy For Existing Cancer Patients?

    You cannot opt for cancer insurance or mediclaim for existing cancer patients. To opt for a cancer plan, it is important to check the eligibility and disclose your medical history honestly.

    Q. How Much Does It Cost To Get The Best Cancer Policy In India?

    The cost of cancer insurance depends on several factors like sum insured, your age, optional benefits chosen, etc. Before purchasing a cancer policy, review the policy benefits, waiting period, and entry age, and check the applicable premium. You can use the online insurance premium calculator to help you with the cancer insurance quotes.

    Q. What Happens If I Am Not Able To Pay My Premium On-Time?

    If you are unable to pay the premium for your cancer insurance policy on the due date, a grace period, depending on the policy terms, will be allowed. During this grace period, you can pay the premium without any penalties. However, if you fail to pay the premium after the grace period has ended, it may lead to a policy lapse.

    Policy lapse would mean that the cancer insurance is no longer in force, and you cannot avail of the benefits under the plan.

    Q. Do I Need Cancer Insurance If I Am Unmarried?

    Cancer insurance is a means to protect you from the financial burden of battling critical diseases. In the case of an unmarried person, it can still be a valuable addition to the financial plan since you may have other dependents such as your parents. If not, the cancer insurance will support you to manage the treatment costs in the unfortunate case of being diagnosed with the disease and prevent your savings from depletion.

    Q. How Do I Renew My Cancer Insurance Policy?

    The cancer insurance policy offers lifetime renewal to the policyholders. You can renew the policy online and sum insured in a few easy steps. Access our website and go to the renew section. Enter complete details and make premium payment through any secure payment mode.

    Q. How Does the Claim Settlement Ratio Affect My Decision To Buy Cancer Insurance?

    The claim settlement ratio is defined as the number of claims successfully processed against the total number of claims received by an insurance provider. An insurance provider's claim settlement ratio determines their reliability and track record.

    Therefore, checking the insurer’s claim settlement ratio before buying cancer insurance is advisable.

    Q. Can I Renew the Cancer Insurance Plan After the Policy Term Is Over?

    You will have a grace period, which is generally 30 days from the policy's expiration date, to renew the plan, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

    Q. What Stages of Cancer Are Covered In a Cancer Insurance Plan?

    The coverage for different stages of cancer depends on the cancer insurance plan. It can vary depending on the extent of healthcare required to treat the condition.

    Q. Is It Possible to Buy Cancer Insurance for My Family Members?

    Yes, you can buy cancer insurance for your family members, either by adding them to your policy or by purchasing a standalone policy for them. Refer to the terms and conditions of your chosen cancer insurance plan for more details.

    Q. Can You Get Insurance for Pre-Existing Cancer Condition?

    It is not possible to get cancer health insurance for pre-existing cancer patients.

    Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

    *Source: IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19-20 and *number of claims settled as on June 30, 2020

    ^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 25th  March 2022


    Download the Brochure for Heart Mediclaim Complete Plan Details

    Download Heart Mediclaim complete plan details

    Read Through it!
    Get Complete Policy Details in the Brochure With Our Expert Assistance!

    Reach out to us
    Whatsapp 8860402452



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