World Cancer Day 2020: Things to Know About Cancer Treatment


World Cancer Day 2020: Things to Know About Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment - Caring Your Physical and Mental Health

It is a heart-wrenching fact that millions of lives are lost to cancer in a year across the world. At the same time, hearing stories of cancer survivors brings a ray of hope. Being diagnosed with cancer or seeing a loved one deal with it is a life-changing experience. Cancer leads to a tremendous emotional, physical and psychological effect upon a person, coping which can sometimes be difficult.

Besides battling the disease, a cancer patient also has to deal with the cost burden of therapies and other medical expenses. With Cancer Mediclaim Insurance Policy, this burden can be significantly reduced and serve as a cushion for a family’s finances.

For cancer patients - those who are on the road to recovery or even those who have just started their treatment - maintaining both physical and mental health is of utmost importance. 

In this article, we tell you about the ways to ensure your physical and mental well-being during cancer treatment.

Coping with the Physical Changes

Treatment of cancer depends on the extent of cancer and its type. It may involve a combination of medication and surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. From diagnosis of the condition to the entire treatment phase, a person must prepare himself or herself for the physical changes which are likely to occur.

Moreover, there are various side effects of the treatment which is seen in the form of organ damage or other health issues. Some common side effects include anemia, hair loss, infections, muscle aches, skin problems, digestion problems, weight gain or weight loss, memory problems, to name a few. In severe cases, it results in heart problems, hypertension, lung problems or hormonal issues.

Hence, there is a great need for constant monitoring to detect any recurrence of cancer or the development of new cancers. Therefore, dedicated care to maintain one’s physical during the treatment process is necessary for a successful recovery.

Regular and healthy meals are vital for faster recovery. For improved health, it is essential to follow a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, and fruits. In addition to diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep is a must for healing the body.

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Focusing on Mental Health

While recuperating from an illness, the emotional support we get from family and friends is what keeps us strong. With the sudden changes in the body, it is quite natural to experience negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, fear, and frustration.

What is needed at this point is a strategy for coping with psychological problems. Some useful ideas to help you achieve a calmer state of mind include:

  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Taking good sleep

Interacting and sharing experiences with people who have faced and survived the effects of cancer can be a great way to boost your motivation level to fight the disease. It is also essential to speak to your doctor on further steps and follow-up care for a speedy recovery.


Cancer is a critical illness and brings many challenges for a person in the sense of physical and mental effects as well as a financial burden. While physical and mental health can be achieved by following a disciplined lifestyle and getting quality healthcare; the financial aspect can be managed by opting for health insurance plans.

Attaining quality medical care is possible with Super Mediclaim a superhero mediclaim product by Care Health Insurance that provides cover for 32 critical diseases including Cancer.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for cancer subject to policy terms and conditions.

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